Survival Tickets

Work, Work, Work, Play, Work, Play, Work and now you may keep from freezing outside and partake in the glorious ritual of feeding your body fuel so it wont perish. Is this not a great system we have raised? I’m happy as a passenger on a speeding train heading for a cliff simply because I chose it and what the fuck, we’re going to die someday anyway. You can drag me off to the gated community for illogical humans by my collar laughing hysterically at a nomenclature of human rights for corporations because that shit is hysterical in a dystopian sci-fi novel golden submarine kind of way. Laughing is the best way to reflect, it’s liken to leaving a golden apple in the church pew for a must see family event. That makes me laugh and laugh well!  The sheer stupidity of printing survival tickets by the Illuminati for the Illuminati and getting away with it speaks volumes as to how much homo sapiens really are watching. The question is why are some living in the age of Aquarius and others aren’t? The fucking hippies were right :D


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