Locks of Love, cancer and people who love you

Here is one brave scoutmaster!

I’ve been donating my hair to Locks of Love for 15 years. My father hated my long hair therefore when he died from cancer far to young I decided to put his gene pool to good use by donating my waist long hair year he passed away. I just lopped it all off again here 6 months ago and even shaved it bald this time to match my older brothers bald head. My brother was diagnosed with throat cancer last year, statistically he’s far to young in his 40’s but sadly a smoker. My big bro taught me every chord I knew growing up on the guitar and almost every song I can play on the piano to this day. He taught me to sing and on my 13th birthday he bought me a huge Gibson Lab series guitar amp, the same amp Ty Tabor used for that famous Ty Tabor tone. It was so heavy I couldn’t even move it, my father was furious! He was only 19 working as a box boy and he did that for me, what a great brother.


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