Stormy Monday

Stormy Monday’s are meant for the 3 B’s, a bottle, a boink and a bed. It stormed all day today and cold as as witches titties, some witches I know are colder then others. Not that witches are bad, most are are the kindest most well balanced people I know, some…. Not so much. Cat Woman came over this afternoon looking so beautiful, my 3 B day was on the way. She is a most amazing human, but as a lover she’s a fun girl. A Pisces Sun and a Cancer moon this girl has, woof! She doesn’t turn into a bottle of wine or a cigarette after hot heathen love, but she’s always willing to go get one or even both. She’s a kind heart and so genuine, beloved like an 80’s love ballad by her peers. And here comes Frank!

Thank you for the lovely bottle of of catnip cat woman, it goes good with the blues on a cold Monday while you catnap :) I hope jamming with the Alman Bros doesn’t wake you but if it does at least you’re still naked under those covers. I wonder where the tail ended up?



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