The illuminatus massive power machine

The illuminatus massive power machine goes into action against Ron Paul, now he’s a racist. Not that I’m a RP supporter just yet, I just find it fascinating. It amazes me how powerful these mother fuckers are. Here’s a man who been running for office for over 25 years and now we’re just finding out he’s a racist bastard all these years later. “Hey he’s from Texas let’s fuck him in the ass, he’s not our guy” or is he? These criminal fuckers have so much power it’s mind-boggling even though I’ve known about them for longer then I’ve known who Ron Paul is. Sometimes they flex a hard muscle and it blows me away, Ron Paul is the perfect anti Obama candidate now isn’t he.

I think a sock puppet ritual is respectfully in order at this point, If we must be the one to do it, I must be the one to screw it! Call the neighbors! Call Eris! Were hunting for wabbits!


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