Rocking Dog!

I lifted this from the I <3 guitar blog and I think it’s about the cutest thing ever. The creatives that came up with this and edited it are very talented. The thing that disturbs me is the mundane people think this nonsense is real, that this dog is really smiling and rocking out to his masters guitar playing. People are actually arguing on teh interwebs about it. This is how republitards get elected! I’m convinced Americans are the most imbecilic homo sapiens on the planet almost all of which are fundamentalist christians who are terrorists IMHO. They clearly terrorize anyone who thinks different then they do often times with bullets and bombs. Why don’t these people just watch the video a few times and watch the simple stripped down physics that happen in every place light exists?

If you simply watch the Dogs shadow on the couch and the reflection line that cuts the bottom of the beer can off you can clearly see it’s a ghetto looking amateur CGI job. It’s supposed to look that way so Anheuser Busch can have wannabe underground viral marketing campaigns like every other 1% corporation.

Although cute it’s things like this that make me considerably on guard toward the world and the buffoons that occupy its space because I have to share such said space with them. How can you have absolutely no filters to detect when someone is bullshitting you? Why the fuck are fundamentalist christians so gullible? The world may never know.

I’m chanting coexist coexist coexist…. Sometimes it’s difficult whet relatively bright people don’t think for themselves or how it affects others. Coexist coexist coexist coexist……


/rant off />



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