My friend Erica once coined the term frippy from trippy and freaky, I might add we were drunk as skunks at solstice but having a dam good time :) When I was packing gear for the new years gig I realized my trusted custom Telly still had no tone knob on it from when I cannibalized it for my strat I sold to Chris. I had this knob in a Guitar Center package that I’ve had since High School and had hung onto for years. It even had that old cheesy Red and Gold Guitar Center packaging on it. I had purchased it on a drug bender thinking I was going to build a guitar, fucking addicts we do some strange shit when we’re out running a muck still.

Originally a three knob package, two volume and one tone two had been used but one was still with me. In that moment the nostalgia ran through me deeply almost like a deja vu of another life, it was so long ago I had purchased this tiny piece of plastic. So many memories from that addicted era are destroyed from my hard drive from the virus I was consuming, this one still with me someway somehow. On all days too, new years 2012! I connected the dots so very clearly in the moment as synchronicity and took stock in what I was feeling right then and there. Not only had I survived Heroin and Cocaine against all odds but I had survived it all because of the love I have with guitar, songwriting, singing and music. It was art that saved my life then it has always been so.

It made and makes life worth living for me somehow. When you’re down as low as I was you’re just waiting day by day to die. You know one day soon like the rest of your peers who are all addicts you’re going to be the next casualty in the morg. When one is trying to kill themselves slowly with China white and blow as not to feel the pain you’ve somehow survived through growing into adulthood is only a slow suicide. All these thought slammed into my mind all at once BAM! It was Frippy! There are those moments that I’m grateful to still be here, then there’s those moments when I think about death knowing it’s the next great adventure. Happy fucking new year!


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