Loss of a Big Brother / Teacher / Biker / Hippy-Surfer / Guitar player / Keyboard Pirate!

My brother had been sick with throat cancer for well over a year, we, his family thought because he was so young he had really good odds. He responded to treatment and even rode the zip lines at the San Diego Zoo in September. In 3 weeks he went from really good to terrible, the word is terminal. He fought like a brave Scottish piper till the end which was far longer then the physicians predicted. I don’t blame him, he had a awesome wife who adored him and a 13 year old daughter who was his everything. They were a tight family who did everything together on the weekends but he suffered more then most cancer patients do by far. I was relieved in the end he was out of pain and not suffering.

Now he has left this plane of existence and I’m left wondering “wow, my older brother, musical cohort and teacher” has left the building but only for now. All the piano, Guitar and dots on the page were thoroughly taught to me with a “make a new noise even if it’s with a piece of corn cob or ice cube rubbing on the strings” mentality. Total freedom of expression. I express to you big brother my gratitude for being so fucking rad! A Kay amp, a pre CBS Fender Twin and double cut Les Paul Jr you bought me all before I was 18.

Thanks for the gift of music Brother, I live for it everyday.

-little brother

PS grief can make you suffer and cry but it can also make you laugh when you remember the good stuff


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