Darth Vader Police attacking the poor

Here in the United States of Greedy, For the Corporations by the Corporations, for the few, on the backs of many we citizens are under siege. I want to send a letter of truth to the peoples of the world who just may cross this story to let you know a far higher percentage of our people Loath and have loathed what out governments been doing since 1964. Since the Butcher George Bush Jr. was in office our country has gone completely mad from the top to the bottom. The Government IS NOT REPRESENTATIVE OF THE PEOPLE HERE! Please know this. We are under siege by a group of rich powerful individuals that have conspired to run the worlds currency since WWII. Watch here as you watch the very police force we citizens pay with our outrageously high Taxes beaten to blood.

A police officer holds a baton with the words "BIG RED" etched into the wood during an anti-NATO rally at S. Michigan Ave. and Cermak Rd. Sunday, May 20, 2012, in Chicago.

A Chicago police officer holds a baton with the words “BIG RED” etched into the wood during an anti-NATO rally at S. Michigan Ave. and Cermak Rd. Sunday, May 20, 2012, in Chicago.

We peacefully protest only to watch Darth Vader Police beat teen aged and early 20 something girls bloody with Batons one of which has “Big Red’ Scrawled into it!

I bless the Tea Party and the Occupy movement with all my heart, prayers and good intentions. Rather I believe the causes and Political intentions or not they are Americans who have the right to Peaceful assembly under the first Amendment. That’s something worth fighting for, fighting peacefully, all of us, putting aside our political differences enough to sweep shop. The we can go back to electing people who will represent all of us and argue like Elephants, Donkeys and the other parties that need to break this two party system. We need term Limits for both Houses, we need to rid Washington of these worthless special interest lobbyist lawyers who only represent a distraction and the source of temptation of big money to the greedy politicians we cant seem to get the hell rid of. If we could just do those two things we could have enough leverage as Citizens to put the votes back into our hands.

The following sadly are pictures from Chicago May 20, 2012, United States of America. The land of the free, the home of the brave, my god where did my country go. I did find a glimpse of it in this first image though:

Now this here is a patriot! 82-year-old Cynthia Banas braved heat and marched with a cane

Darth Vader police attacking the poor

Darth Vader police attack

Darth Vader police attack unarmed Citizens Chicago May 20th 2012

Can we haz peace?

Can we haz peace?




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