R.I.P. Ray Bradbury

I really loved RB’s book, the Martian Chronicles was my favorite even over Fahrenheit 451. As a Kid and Teen growing up in Southern California where Mr. Bradbury resided he had local reading and book store appearances often. I was very fortunate to see a half-dozen of them. He was very Nerdy, very Nice, very funny at times and seemed to really be a genuine person who loved literature.

I finish about half the books I start, if it doesn’t grab me by half way I’ll start another. When I’m single I usually start about 2 books a week. When I’m dating a lot of that me time like in any relationship you’re watering for growth gets taken up by boy meets girl things. Plus I’m fortunate to have the absolute most kick ass public library in my town that I’ve ever seen. Very few books have stories and Character development that I can absolutely get lost within such as the before mentioned titles in an “Alice in Wonderland” kind of way. Ray Bradbury pulled me into the true pulse of literature every time, even when I read his titles again and again.

My 3 favorite Authors have all passed, a sign I’m getting old I reckon.

Ray Bradbury, 91, scifi authorsaw future, said ‘Don’t go there’ – BostonHerald.com.


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