Fathers day gift ideas opinions wanted Fishing!

When my brother died this year it shook my mother and my step father to the core of their inner strength. My brother and my step father for almost 20 years were close, it has been very difficult on My step father and mother while my brother was Ill and when he passed. My Step father has done a pretty good job of taking care of my mother and my family through this like an ace! Therefore I’m wanting to give a special fathers day gift with my siblings step and otherwise, but none of us are fishermen or Fisher-women and not very in the know.  So you! You who are here reading this! If you’re a person who likes to fish river or lake or, if you’re especially kind and are willing to ask that person in your life who’s in the know about what to get an avid fisherman I would be most grateful if you would share :)

Comments are most welcome :)

My Step Dad “butch!”


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