New Mac Pro Design in 2013

Finally, Great News I’ve hoped for. According to Tim Cook and even the illusive Apple PR changes are coming next year for apples pro desktop hardware line. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out why Apple did such a poor upgrade to the Mac Pro after WWDC 2012. They just spent an undisclosed amount acquiring Redmatica to integrate into  Logic Studio’s (Touted as a part of the Pro Application line by Apple) EXS24 sampler but fell shorter than ever on their pro line of hardware.The Mac Pro upgrade of this week saw the end of the 8 core processor series but added a 12 core model at a base price of $3799.

I almost published a blog titled “apples massive fail” which remains a bit of a cathartic journal entry /blush :) But it was so very confusing to absorb this news. I was thinking “whoa, another bullet in the foot of apple at their own hands.” Was history repeating itself? I even pondered writing Tim Cook to ask WTF M8? So did others due to his email response that was published by someone who sent one-off to him. In the apple PR statement that confirmed but clarified this email he stated:

“Our Pro customers like you are really important to us. Although we didn’t have a chance to talk about a new Mac Pro at today’s event, don’t worry as we’re working on something really great for later next year. “

These days I think that’s how SJ and now apple as a whole leaks news by giving the middle finger to the main stream media reminding them they really don’t matter all that much.

This is a smart and long overdue move for apple. It’s really easy to build a hackintosh. People have asked me what I thought often over the hackintosh in last year because they’re considering it as an option, why would you ask if you weren’t? This, to myself, is clearly due to the really poor Desktop / Server Pro Hardware support for the last Decade in terms of value. Not even Pro Users want to Pay 5k for a loaded PC to run their Studios and Post rooms, it’s just too overpriced! South Park Studios rendering farm is Linux-based even though the show is designed on OS X desktops. They do it simply based on value. The other option is buy a single quad-core for $2500 that’s underpowered and more overpriced than anything in the apple line. The update didn’t include thunderbolt which is has been on the entry-level Mac Mini for months. It didn’t include USB 3.0 and who the heck wants to by this garbage that’s a pro user. No I, not anyone I know.

In my day job I constantly hear people conversing on how overpriced apples hardware is. Users of Windows and Linux rather consumer, pro or otherwise are desiring a tower that they can get into and change a video card. That’s what the market offers that apple has not in over a decade. It’s why apple has such slow growth in the gaming market compared to Macintosh sales even with the Support of Blizzard and Steam who are giants in the industry. All Blizzard titles run OS X, Steam is available for OS X, both Intel platform wide. If apple doesn’t change their Pro Line of Towers you’ll see people running OS X on generic PC hardware more and more. I’ve watched youtube videos of the installation process,  it’s so very easy. If apple does anymore to drive away the Pro Market, the Pro Market will disappear no matter what the pricing of their Pro Software line is.

apple has a lot riding on this new Mac Pro. They’ve become so competitive with the price of pro apps against the competition that not making Pro hardware to run it on is just as bad planning as selling the monitors a Mac Pro needs that run thunderbolt. They’ve gone head to head with Avid’s Pro Tools by delivering a DAW that’s pound for pound just as good but additionally includes some of the best virtual instruments and Plug-ins in the industry priced at $199.99. That’s being competitive and using the green power of the app store to keep costs low. That’s smart, a brilliant move, but worthless without tangible hardware to run it on.


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