T Mobile – An American horror story

I’ve been with T-mobile for 10 years on July 1st of this year and have had the same ups and down as any wireless carrier. Since the AT&T merger was thwarted by the DOJ T-mobile has bee a train wreck. Case in point; go to the t-mobile website and try to reset your password, it’s broken and hasn’t worked in 7 months. This after T-mobile made everyone change their passwords 4 months ago to strengthen their security policy. I can’t reset my password and haven’t been able to for 2 months to pay my freaking bill, how goddam dumb is that? Then, it gets better, you call T-mobile who now to cut costs hired a firm from Pakistan to take over their customer service who requests YOUR WHOLE SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER! Not the last 4, the number in it’s entirety and they will not accept my pin number I’ve had set up with than since 2003. I smell a rat and I’m not fool enough to eat the cheese.

I’ve worked in technology long enough to know this is an accident waiting to happen. Do not give your SS# to anyone ever period unless you at the Social Security Office or trying to collect unemployment at the unemployment office. Almost every college and university stopped the SS as a pin for students ten years ago to protect them from fraud. What I’ve seen hackers do over the years with someone SS# is just sickening, one case saw 11 cadillac escalades and a custom home built in Boca Raton Florida before the person who owned the SS# knew his identity had been stolen.

So what do I do? I can’t pay my bill and I’m not going to give anyone my SS# over the phone who says his name is Hank from Pakistan. There’s only one choice, tell them to GFT and write 36 letters, 1 for each credit agency and send them out in 3’s for the next 12 months and loose my number of 10 years. I can’t go along with a company that’s so truly screwed up they can’t write a functioning script that works on their website to reset a password then hires a company in a country that’s not friendly to the US who demands my SS# over the telephone. No wonder Departing CEO Philipp Humm abruptly quit lying to them stating a family member was I’ll when he really went to Vodafone a huge T-mobile competitor as their new CEO.

The Pièce de résistance for dealing with these imbeciles is the video I have of my phone taped to my computer screen showing their website can’t reset passwords. Because the video shows my number being input into the text box on the T-mobile site I can’t release it on youtube until my new phone arrives. The Moment it does the video is going live on the internet (I will link it here) with a youtube link in every letter I send to the 3 existing credit agencies disputing the ding these ass-hats will surely hit my credit score with. What a way to treat a customer who’s been with you for ten years, Bollocks!

Do yourself a favor people, avoid T-mobile if you’re the US like it’s the plague. There’s a reason they wanted to sell it to AT&T so cheap and the CEO jumped ship with no notice. What a hassle, not worth my time at all, I wish I could bill them my hourly for all my time this inept foolishness has cost me monetarily.


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