Garageband for iOS first impressions

I have a new iPhone 4S due to my T-Mobile debacle that I’m still having to spend my valuable time fixing with my T-Moble representative “Chad.” Chad, resides in India, Imagine that! Yuppie Mothers and Fathers in India name their children Chad too 0.o – Yeah right! Enough with the Sardonic comments on with Garageband for iOS.

One of the reasons I went with the more expensive 4s is the dual processor technology. At 1.2 Mhz with 2 Core’s that’s 2.4 Mhz which would run Windows Xp flawlessly on the 512 MB of readily available RAM the architecture specifications come in at. Also, the carrier was out of the iPhone 4 which I inquired about who gave me a $50 discount off the 4S. At this point I’m thinking “T-Mobile who?” I know that’s enough processing power to actually be useful to a Composer and Musician, I run Reaper on a machine with less processing power and it’s brilliant!

On the first jump into Garageband for iOS I noticed two really fantastic features that I find incredibly useful; One is the fact that you can not only edit the piano roll like a real DAW but you can export the songs and data to use in Logic 9 as well as Garageband on OS X. The fact that I have a nice pair of Creative Blue tooth wireless stereo speakers made the sauce in the recipe I was cooking very tight. I’m about 20 minutes I had 8 tracks of virtual instruments that sound every bit as good as Garageband for OS X. If you’re in the know on Garageband for OS X you’re aware it has the same Virtual instrument technology running the EXS 24 sampler at the heart of Logic Studio thus it sounds very profession for a program that come with every Macintosh computer. The 32 bars of music I have so far pinging out of this little $4.99 program is in a word, KILLER! I actually think I may be able to finish a real composition in Logic 9 using what I now have.

If apple ever adds scoring imports from Finale or Scorch or its own scoring in general like logic has to this $5 app, I think it could be a launch pad for well over half the music I compose instead of the little Sony hand-held recorder I know use. I cant really say for sure how useful all this is because lets face it fiddling around with Garageband for iOS for 2 hours isn’t enough time to really know. However I have two version of this tune already running in logic that are pretty dam nifty IMHO. I’ll post the first song I actually finish with Garageband for iOS as its spring-board when I finish even if it’s bad. For now I’m having a blast playing with it!

Before I finish here I just want to note a few things that aren’t necessarily pertinent to this article. I like android OS better. It does much more the iOS 5 does all the way around even without rooting the phone. The problem with android is the lack of software especially for creatives, there’s 33% more apps available in the iOS platform the the Google play market. Plus there’s been several programs that have Trojans in them release on Google Play (formerly the android market) because no one checks the software like apple does. Admittedly apple let one slip by them last month as well but the android markets seen hundreds according to PC magazine. I don’t want a Trojan on my smart phone that will steal my client base from its address book, that would be the kiss of death for me. I wish I could have the software I run on my iPhone on my android but it’s just not happening that way at this point in time. That’s my 2 cents anyway. See you soon!


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