Dream Jam – a Garageband for iOS Review Part II

When last I left I was just in the process of becoming familiar with how Garageband for iOS worked. It didn’t take very long to learn how to use it, it’s very simple. Two things I had to consult the documentation for where “how to undo” which is one of its great-grandfather Logic 9’s most famous for functions. You simply give the iPhone or iPad a good shake which triggers a window to pop up:

Garageband for iOS undo

Garageband for iOS undo

The other issue I needed to consort the documentation for was moving the Garageband .band file to OS X via iTunes to use with Garageband or Logic 9. This is a little convoluted but it can be done. As of this writing I could not get the upload to Soundcloud functionality to work properly. I had to upload from my PC.

I now have my Review track arranged in Garageband for iOS finished. This is the raw Garageband for iOS multi-track consisting or Drums, Bass, Clean rhythm Guitar and Over-driven Electric guitar. Other then the instruments being EQ’d (only the dead space at the top and bottom of the spectrum) and a compressor available in Garageband on a preset this is the raw Garageband for iOS arrangement. This next step will be finishing the recording of the arrangement in Logic 9.


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