Top 58 Richest singers on the planet list

Like the title says, here’s the list of the worlds richest 58 vocalists:

1. Paul McCartney: $800m
2. Bono: $600m
3. Jimmy Buffett: $400m
4. Elton John: $320m
5. Mick Jagger: $305m
6. Sting: $290m
7. Phil Collins: $250m
8. Dave Matthews: $250m
9. Prince: $250m
10. Dave Grohl: $225m
11. Rod Stewart: $220m
12. David Bowie: $215m
13. Bruce Springsteen: $200m
14. James Hetfield: $175m
15. Axl Rose: $150m
16. Roger Waters: $145m
17. David Gilmour: $130m
18. Steven Tyler: $130m
19. Jon Bon Jovi: $125m
20. Anthony Kiedis: $120m
21. Sammy Hagar: $120m
22. Robert Plant: $120m
23. Bruce Dickinson: $115m
24. Eric Clapton: $115m
25. Brian Johnson: $90m
26. Ozzy Osbourne: $90m
27. Gwen Stefani: $80m
28. Eddie Vedder: $80m
29. Bob Dylan: $80m
30. Brian Wilson: $75m
31. Michael Stipe: $75m
32. Trey Anastasio: $75m
33. Joe Elliott: $70m
34. Peter Gabriel: $70m
35. John Fogerty: $68m
36. Stevie Nicks: $65m
37. Roger Daltrey: $65m
38. Chris Cornell: $60m
39. Mark Hoppus: $60m
40. Tom DeLonge: $60m
41. Chris Martin: $60m
42. Billie Joe Armstrong: $55m
43. Liam Gallagher: $50m
44. Zack de la Rocha: $50m
45. Vince Neil: $50m
46. Steve Perry: $45m
47. Jon Anderson: $45m
48. Maynard James Keenan: $45m
49. Jonathan Davis: $45m
50. David Lee Roth: $40m
51. David Byrne: $40m
52. Thom Yorke: $35m
53. Jack White: $30m
54. Geddy Lee: $28m
55. Rob Halford: $25m
56. Geoff Tate: $17m
57: Gregg Allman: $15m
58: Scott Weiland: $10m





7 responses to “Top 58 Richest singers on the planet list

  1. Can this be true? I’d have thought Bob Dylan must have earned far more than 80 million from royalties alone in a prolific career spanning more than 50 years when his songs have been recorded by literally hundreds of other artists. To say nothing of the sales of his own records and the income from his shows. Billboard claims that he earned $9million in 2010 alone.

    • I’m assuming it’s at least in part accurate. I lifted both this and the drummers information from Forbes magazine which is usually reputable on things such as this. Is it true, I have no idea for sure but it seems quite plausible. Celebrity net worth dot com also has his fortune listed as 80 million.

    • Maybe it is what they are worth not what they have earned…some may have blown a lot of money…literally and figuratively.

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    Not sure if anyone really cares(unless you are on the list), but, this is interesting. Biggest surprises to me are that Geddy Lee, Rob Halford and David Lee Roth are so far down the list…poor guys…well I guess poor might be the wrong word!