Back in the saddle

I’m home from the hospital and recuperating from surgery, man am I black and blue though. The last 4 weeks I was obsessed with getting everything done for winter that I wouldn’t be able to do post op and partly why I haven’t written as much as usual. My house was winterized in October and all my wood was ordered, delivered and stacked by Halloween. Yes indeed I was feeling accomplished :)

Now I’m focused on 4 weeks of recovery before I return to work with one purpose, get up on my feet and into the studio as soon as I feel able. It’s such a rarity to have that kind of time to spend creating music in a world where I spend my work week fixing businesses networks and writing software for the people who are depending on me. For me it’s a large responsibility, one I don’t take lightly, well until now. Freedom for four whole weeks boosh! I’m very excited for the silver lining of this bummer surgery to be born into reality because 4 weeks of no responsibilities and a Les Paul in my hands is the shiznit! Or as my gamer friends would say W00T!


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