Remixing, whats it all about?

Remixing, whats it all about and can a musician remix with real instruments as opposed to a DJ? What’s ethical and what’s not? I have serious questions and I’m not quite sure where to get the answers, I desire to explore these here with the press community.

A couple of people I’ve worked with in the studio are two artists as well as friends are pretty slick at remixing, Chris Enve and Weapon X. I’m a guitarist, Bass player, Horn Player, a pretty fair Piano player ( I can get the job done if I wrote the song) and a fair drummer when using Alesis Pads with a Roland kick and High Hat trigger running through a sampler such as Superior Drummer or Native Instruments Abbey Road Drums. I really can create all of what I hear in my arrangements by myself so I’ve never had a need to remix.

However the thought has been on my mind ever since I fell in love with the greatest band in the work the Monophonics (can I get an amen!) Daily, and I mean every day I improvise to Goliath, Balboa Tree, in your Brain and Soul funk 45. This kind of Jazz-Funk-Fusion is an exciting place for me as a guitarist to explore improvisation, I never run out of ideas when I play with the Monophonics. It’s like a garden of musical melodies inside my head running on dilithium crystals, golden! and it’s different every-time, Platinum! Now I’m thinking I want to do a 3 song monophonic remix of Goliath, Balboa Tree and in your brain but wait, I’m a Guitarist not a DJ. Am I crossing some sacred line in Musicology? Is this going to be poo poo’d on? What’s the rules?

I guess at the end of the day maybe I should just go ahead an do it but i don’t want to anger anyone, I’m a fan I dig the Monophonics. Comments not only welcomes but needed.

I know leave you with the greatest band in the world, From San Francisco California



2 responses to “Remixing, whats it all about?

  1. There are no rules. If it feels right to you, go with it. You are a musician, the guitar is just your chosen tool to express yourself. Don’t let labels and imaginary sacred lines bind your creativity. You described the music as “Jazz-Funk-Fusion”. Jazz by itself is largely “remixes” of standards.
    Keep us updated with the project and I look forward to hearing it.

    “Imitation is the highest form of flattery” -Charles Caleb Colton

    • Thanks for the advice M@ much appreciated M8. Even if not a single soul hears it I’m already in the recording phase of Goliath, it’s fun but I’m still at somewhat of a loss. I was speaking with a lyricist / DJ friend of mine tonight and his comment was “Keep it Kiss, treat it exactly like you would any cover at the gig. Between the two of you I’m feeling a bit less like I’m being an ass-hat and more like and more like a fan which is precisely what I am.