This pace is a bit to slow!

I’ve sat home recovering still from my surgery, the stitches are really starting to grow scar tissue which is really limiting my mobility and my life. What does one do when he’s played so much guitar in his studio every day he has to stop from painful fingers? Bluntly put I’m bored silly! I get up and there’s nothing to do so I plug-in the Les Paul and continue to record from where I left off the day before. In 4 hours I’m sore and have to stop. I’ve now read all five books I checked out from the Library before Surgery 2 weeks ago and am now forced to rely on my personal Library until I can drive in 10 days to refill my literary addiction. My library consists of Books I’ve read so many times I liken it to reruns of I love Lucy on Nick at Night. Then theirs net-flicks in which I believe I’m the only human being alive ever in existence to exhaust their entire online database of science fiction.

Seriously, do you all have any idea what can happen when a geek such as myself get bored to this extent? Things start to catch on fire and blow up! We revert to child hood chemistry scouring the house for any sign of Potassium nitrate to add different things like salt, sugar and dirt to change the flame color. Ohh Pretty! Just like really hot glitter that burns the crap out of you! God help me if I find some Chalk, the sidewalk will suffer my artistic inability! Or even worse, I might get so bored I decide to break the interwebz! Oh, geeks and boredom are a bad highly volatile thing. I mean if I was bored at let’s say the NASA scientific labs I could do something constructive like travel for instance. Being limited to things such as house hold cleaning products and wooden matches in all probability will most likely end up bad.

If you see a mushroom cloud coming from my neck of the weeds, you know where it came from :P


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