Since the world is going to end I might as well..

Tonight I watched the film The Bucket List for the first time. This is not a good film to watch when you’ve lost someone recently but I soldiered on. Now I see all the fascination with Bucket lists, honestly I didn’t even know the film existed. My Mom, Dad and I have this silly ritual we do every year on the holidays that started as a sheer mistake a few years back.

Years ago I sent my mother and father a gift. Even after reminding her it was coming she of course in true Scottish style didn’t say a word to my Dad. It came UPS and logically he opened it up right on the spot, my mother is such a dork sometimes. I was so pissed! Since then every year as a joke we send each other a wrapped gift early before the holidays and open them up, this year she sent me the DVD The Bucket List. Tonight I sat down to watch it and wished my brother had the opportunity to do what these gentleman did before they passed away, he deserved it more then anyone I know.

Therefore since the world is coming to an end and all I might as well be a web cliché’ and make a bucket list. In making this I’ve found once again I’m a pretty simple person, I’m not hard to please simply because I’m pretty damn happy with life as it is. All I really want to do is bang on de drum all day, and I do!

ZM’s bucket list (In no particular order):

1) Explain to my son how much I love him in a way he can fathom and grasp it as to prepare him for being a good and kind loving father.

2) Take care of my Folks till the day they break on through to the other side

3) Tell my one true love how much I really do love her and that I think of her every day at sunrise and, if I had it my way we would be happily married somewhere, anywhere, together. It just wasn’t in the cards for us, it is what it is but it doesn’t change the fact that I love her very much even to this day and wish I had the opportunity to tell her I adore her.

4) Live the rest of my life cancer free without any relapses

5) Compose a film score for a Major Motion Picture Release (This one will happen, I’m making sure of it!)

6) Finish my Post graduate Studies

7) Play music as often as I can until the day I die.

That’s it, that’s all I really wish for in life. Simplicity in living is happiness for this zombie, I don’t really need or want anything else, at least not now. I hope to live long enough to see my grandchildren if I am blessed with any, but that’s a long way away.


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