The first innovation in wah pedals since Vai’s Bad Horsie

One thing I like many other guitar pickers struggle with is getting a Vox or Crybaby to turn off and on. The switch is mounted under the front of the Wah pedal and if you don’t give it a hard “goosing” it wont turn on or off. This sucks at gigs, it’s embarrassing and for me can break my flow big time bringing down what otherwise was a good strong set.


I love the Vai Bad Horsie’s switching system that circumvents this approach but the Morley is harsh sounding to me. I’m spoiled because my VOX is equipped with a Baja Tech Customs Mod that is pretty close to the old Clive McCoy and dead on in all the ways I favor to the Fulltone.

Electro Harmonix has come out with a pretty interesting idea on the Wah pedal, no moving parts. This design has such potential that I can’t see other designers not being inspired by it. The Electro Harmonix Crying Tone Wha looks brilliant but by the few videos I’ve seen sounds harsh like an out of the box $60 Crybaby or Vox. AT $87 street it’s priced very attractively. Check out the Guitar Geekdom below and geek out!

gear acquisition syndrome 4tw!


2 responses to “The first innovation in wah pedals since Vai’s Bad Horsie

  1. Love to see some lateral thinking. I’m still not sure how you’d fasten one of these to a pedal board but I love the idea. Have you also seen EH’s Talking Pedal which is in a similar format but a very different effect?

    • I think you would have to just suck it up and throw them on the floor. It’s a neat idea but I didn’t think it sounded very full. I do like the FIlter Wah aka the talking pedal, that looks like a load of fun!