Prince Auditions Band Member At Surprise Concert

After toying with the idea for a few months, Prince booked six last-minute shows at the Dakota Jazz Club in downtown Minneapolis this week. With more shows to come Thursday and Friday, Wednesday night (January 16) saw Prince play two shows (8 p.m. and 11 p.m.) billed as a “sound check” audition for new drummer Ronald Bruner.

According to a report from CBS Minnesota, Prince had a ten-member band that surprisingly started right on time and played mostly jazz for about an hour and a half. Prince only played small riffs of his hit songs, and is perhaps saving those for the shows later in the week.

It was stressed at the shows that absolutely no cameras or cell phones would be allowed, so it’s unlikely that fans will see much footage from Prince’s club shows in his hometown.

Tickets, which went on sale Tuesday and instantly sold out, ranged from $70 for the Wednesday night shows to $250 for Friday night. Thursday’s shows are slotted to be a jam session with an after-party vibe, while Friday’s show remains a “surprise.”

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3 responses to “Prince Auditions Band Member At Surprise Concert

  1. That´s cool and with a new fro :) He should get Sheila E back on the drums, she kicked ass with Prince! I´d dig to see Prince in a smaller venue, only seen him in an huge venue. You lucky Americans.This song is groovy, but I don´t find it as good as his previous records like Musicology and the like.

    Prince is a funky fella, saw him live in 2011, and stood in the Golden Circle (not a cheap ticket) they dragged me and a bunch of other fans up on stage to dance with him and the band. Pretty crazy experience, and I was up there for like quite a while, 15-20 minutes, 9000 + people watching you, that was the craziest feeling ever! He is really short, tiny hehe, I remember I was wearing my purple velvet pants (haha as Prince love the Purple :) and when walking up on the stage Prince stood there right in front of me singing and playing the guitar. Later on me and other fans stood next to the piano while he sang another song, I was totally freaked out!

    Here´s a tiny picture from the gig, yeh very true Prince is pretty strict with camera/pics at his gigs, they´ll kick your ass out if you bring one! I´m in there in the back somewhere…can´t see me though:

    • He lives in Minneapolis so he’s thrown underground and even house parties there for years. As for the rest of the US we have to see him in arenas and large theaters too. The last time I saw him his staff gave every person in the Staples Center in Los Angeles 3 CD’s no charge. I thought that was awesome.

      I cant find you in the pic!

      • I certainly wouldn´t mind a house party with Prince. Yeah that´s what is so cool about Prince, he really cares for his fans, I certainly did not expect a huge star like Prince to bring up fans on his stage, but he´s been doing that a lot I´ve read. Shows he still has his feet on the ground. I can´t see myself in the picture either, that´s one of the few pictures from the gig, I´m somewhere behind all those people haha. The Media wasn´t even really allowed to take pics, very strict.