Why I’ve avoided twitter and what I’ve surmised by journeying to the dark side

I work on the Internets often, almost daily, but I don’t live here. I dated a girl who lived vicariously through the Internets, she was scary the “Duchess of Cold.”  She wasn’t even a gamer, how can that be proper? Seriously, for good reason I’ve avoided twitter and Facebook . Without going full jacketed geek on you there’s this little thing called a TOS (terms of service) that every user of anything you sign up for on the Internets says “sure, it’s not like you hate these cans or anything?”

Before I get into what most people don’t know about Google+, Twitter, Facebook etc I want to talk about the good things that have happened on twitter other than the Polynesian guitar stalker that is. One, I got to hook up personal messages with both Peter Hodgson and Tal Wilkenfeld. I met Tal the year before she got the Jeff Beck Gig at NAMM I think in 07? I was standing next to the guy that shot this video of her and Marcus Miller as I was shooting my own with my friends Cannon GL2, unfortunately that was taken off YouTube by some complaint.

I’ve never forgot it because I had no idea who she was and I don’t think Marcus Miller may have either. You have to be an amazing player to be able to Jam with a living legend like Mr. Miller and Tal just was amazing, especially considering she was 20 years old in this video and a relative unknown compared to her behemoth status in the music business now. The next year saw her playing with Jeff Beck and winning “The Year’s Most Exciting New Player” in Bass Player magazine readers’ choice poll. I actually have that video I shot, I was shooting her not Miller. I was filming her as I was completely amazed by her brilliant playing. I want to get a copy of it to her at NAMM because I don’t get to go every year now that I don’t live in LA. People still talk about this musical coming out to this day, it was amazing to be there in that moment! I still have mad gratitude for  the stars aligning just right giving me those moments. 7 years later I’m still inspired by reflecting on these moments.

Peter Hodgson (also from down under as Tal is) has been writing for Gibson.com, Guitar Magazine and a host of other as well as being just a killer player! I’ve frequented his website everyday since I ran across it 3 years ago. It’s a great site and he has tons of fans, me being one. If you’re a guitar player check outiheartguitar.com. These are two things that happened this week (I had the week from Hell too believe me) that were really sweet.

But…. There’s the dark side.

Have you ever read Facebook’s or twitters TOS? Have you ever read the Constitution? See where I’m going with this? I’m the one geek you follow in WordPress land that not only carry’s a pocket constitution but reads the TOS agreements from time to time of such services (here comes my Sam Kinison voice) of blood sucking pit vipers spawned by all that’s evil such as Facebook and Twitter that want to eat your children!

Basically, as I learned by uploading a picture of my son to FB that was used globally for years as an online advert image, they own everything even the image of your minor son. Not just the images of your family or your ramblings, they own the serial number to the network card, Pentium or AMD processor, Motherboard in your PC, the name of your ISP and the IP address you most commonly have more than likely used since the last time your power went out for more than 5 minutes or you rebooted your modem and wireless.

After months and sometimes years in this span of time (because you haven’t lost power or you internet connection in a few years) of watching everywhere you go, everything you scribe, every image you post from any location because your iPhone / android phones serial numbers for it’s all its similar components are all tied to your home PC’s and network identification / components, they sell that information to all kinds of people, its big bucks, it behemoths the porn industry in profits (epic run on sentence in a Kurt Vonnegut kind of whay don’t you think?). No one knows this when they click “sure my dad said I could get on Facebook”

But, to be fair it is free…. sorta….. well no it’s not free they’re making money hand over fist by selling your personal information without you ever knowing it. Haven’t you ever noticed that all the advertising is tailored to your taste when you do a Google search? Have you noticed a random website knows your location?

Just be aware, there’s no free lunch on the Internets!

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5 responses to “Why I’ve avoided twitter and what I’ve surmised by journeying to the dark side

  1. Haha, i giggled when “duchess of cold” popped up. But seriously man I agree with you on the social network part, last year I managed to stay months away from logging into facebook, I simply had to keep away from it. Too much was going on in my life to soak into the world of facebook. In some cases friends may think you´re dead if you stay away from facebook for a long time hah. Allright for “staying in touch” with people, but its kinda fake. WordPress on the other hand you can express yourself more in a different way than on facebook and twitter. And you own your own stuff, even though some people online may want to steal your pictures/ideas/ect. But that comes with the internet, anything we put out here won´t fade away.

    What´s so fun about writing a new status often, like if your friend can´t call you or chat with you on spotify or whatever.

    However back when MySpace was huge some years ago I got in contact with some cool people, like musicians and like minded people, like what you´re stating above on twitter with musicians. While on facebook its more of a “let´s go back in time and find some old school buddies”. The new timeline annoys the heck outta me, too much beta going on. It doesn´t really progress anywhere, and the image tagging part is probably my least favourite, like you went to a party, well expect to see some pics on facebook the day after without your acceptance!

    So I have an account there still, but don´t use it as much as i did before, it simply doesn´t give me anything. And we aren´t anti-social network freaks for not following the trend to the fullest.

    • I agree with you so much about WordPress, for instance we would have not likely met on Facebook. Here one post about music or nature will flag my reader, I’ve found some great stuff! I can’t think of one instance where facebook enriched my life before I hit the delete button! That time line splash page seems like myspace from 2004 to me, I know I’m not alone on that opinion.

      One of these days I’ll record the Duchess of Cold, it was cathartic to write it but it’s a bit personal which is why I’ve never recorded it. We’ve played it at a few Haiku Showdown shows and I thought it sounded ok but that’s about it.