Alcohol – making family gatherings tolerable since mead!

One of the best blogs in all of WordPressdom I’ve had the pleasure to read is facetious firecracker, a band director who’s very witty humor makes her someone I can deeply relate to. She is very funny and made of pure awesomeness! My life’s desire has always been to be a High School marching band and Wind ensemble director but alas, when you’re family’s a bunch of shallow greedy replulitards no moral support for such a thing no matter how much talent that teenager has, the SAT scores they achieve or the grades he / she finished Honor Roll with will be of any use to such dipshits. My favorite quote of hers: Alcohol – making family gatherings tolerable since mead! Truth! If it weren’t for wine I’d surely have shot them all in my early 20’s, Gods knows the assholes deserve it.


Post number 129 is coming, then it will be what it will be :D


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