The words of the honorable Rev. dUg E. Pinnick

I read this part of an interview with dUg Pinnick from King’s X / Pinnick Gales Pridgen from guitar international dot com tonight that cut me to the bone. Read on…

Dug Pinnick: Someone told me they were in the studio; this black chick comes in, sings a song and just nails it. She did like three takes, all were flawless according to the engineer and then she left. Later on that afternoon, this hot white chick with big tits comes in and she had to sing the song for over eight hours. When she left, the producer then says, “Ok, let’s start (pitch correction) with the first syllable”. That’s what you are hearing on the radio now. People know the difference though. The real music will always stand out.

There’s music and then there’s entertainment. Until we realize that, we’ll always be stuck with this. The other stuff that’s real, jazz, other genres, even what we do in real rock; it will always be here, but it will never get to be as huge as it was in the ’70s and ’80s.

Once corporations realized they could take hold and jam down our throats what they wanted, that was it. Now everyone thinks that’s the norm. Everyone thinks they are going to be mega huge. It’s not like that anymore. It’s not the gold rush it once was.

Craig: Do you think we’ll get to the point where the corporations are out of music and artists just release material as, say a download on their own budget and schedule?

Dug Pinnick: Yeah, that’s what a lot are doing and it will be that way for awhile until things get more focused.

When The Beatles came over, no one would have known without Ed Sullivan. He was the only person people would listen to. Here’s something along those lines I noticed…

When Whitney Houston died, she was supposed to have sung on the upcoming Grammy awards. So, she dies and they have Adele, who was going to be on the show already in some capacity, come out and get to sing her hit and ends up selling over half a million units over the next week.

Again, that tells me, no focus. So the bottom line is, until the artists can focus, they’ll continue to sell product out of the back of their car, or rather on line as the case now may be.



4 responses to “The words of the honorable Rev. dUg E. Pinnick

  1. Its a fake world we live in! Fake boobs, facelifts, food that is made of chemicals…..and you are right music by producer sucks!! Real musicians get golf claps while studio/media machines get the chaching & bling.

    • Sad but true, Robben Ford one of the planets most amazing guitarists make peanuts compared to Justin Bieber. Corporations tell people what to listen to, shhepeople are to dumbed down to listen for themselves.

      • It is sad! They tell people what to listen to ,watch, read, vote for(although they deny) Welcome to the Machine! Sounds a little negative but pretty true.

      • You know it’s funny you use that specific song as an illustration. I was rehearsing on Saturday for some upcoming summer gigs. One of the other players used the same song as an analogy when conversing about what the media feeds teens / tweens as consumers (we’re both parents). It’s the reason I no longer have cable T.V. in my home, I don’t want to feed my ID, ego and super ego that garbage any longer. Unplugging, at least in part, from the machine has improved my health physically, my over all well being and my skills as a musician.