Riots breaking out in Brooklyn New York mainstream press ignore story

screen_shot_2013-03-11_at_10.37.05_pm and Are both reporting that riots are breaking out in Brooklyn NY.

Saturday 16 year old Kimani Gray was shot 16 times by an undercover police officer, 16 times! People have taken to the streets in protest when the police started to antagonize protestors. I saw it myself stream live, NYPD thugs pushing people into garbage cans with their batons. These small low I.Q. high octane like-minded moronic thugs and cretins caused this murder and will slowly turn it to brutality. You can monitor the story by the following people on site: Ustream – Twitter hash-tag #BrooklynRiot More More Protests are scheduled for Tomorrow Night.

Of course all the news networks in the United States are all dark on this story after 2 nights of protests like anything else newsworthy that happens within the borders of the USA. The people must be pass along what’s happening amongst ourselves person 2 person, the corporate slave machine has all the normal channels of information tied up. #Freedom

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