The Skinny on the Bugera Vintage 22

Mo Money Mo Problems


I’ve done some research into why a $375 dollar amp built by Behringer sounds like a very expensive boutique amplifier costing hundreds more. In looking at the specifications I found the amplifier was designed by Joe Delaney who’s iconic in the music business as an artist, song writer, Producer / Audio Engineer, amp designer and the man who singly turned around the infamous Randall amplifier company from obscurity to the company they are today. Joe also designed the Kirk Hamit model Randall that’s been a huge success for Randall.

Joe now fronts the band Joetown but while living in Los Angeles in the 80’s played in St. Thomas soon after finding himself writing songs and playing in the studio for other artists. He’s owns and operates Joetown Inc. a full professional studio as an Artist, Songwriter, Producer and Audio Engineer. Joetown is be heard on the FX hit series, The Shield. Joe is the Brand Manager for Randall Amplification and Eden Amplification and was the Product Manager for Behringer from 2005 to 2009 when the Vintage went into production. He had full carte blanche in the amplifiers design which is clearly why it sounds so bad ass.

Now I clearly see why the amp sounds the way it does and how it being built by Behringer has probably had a negative effect in some ways. The only two criticisms I have on this amplifier is the Tube Bays are built right on to the main board. The amp is also built of High Density Fiber board instead of Burtch ply but it’s obvious both of these are cost control measures to keep costs down. The cabinet is well-built with plenty of metal and wood supports. I took the amp out of the cabinet to re-tube and bias it, the amp chassis itself is heavy! I also took the import compliant tube grate off the casing which rattled almost as though there was a microphonic tube in the amp, it made a big difference.

I’ve taken the Bugera name plate off the amp simply because I thought it killed the look of the amp. I designed a new logo plate for my sweet sounding bargain amp that a local laser engraver is fabricating for me. It’s inspired by my jamming buddy Chris’s poster he has hanging over his bed of Biggie Smalls that says “Mo Money Mo problems.” I thinks it’s perfect!

You can read more about Joe Delaney at the following websites:

Mo Money Mo Problems Amplification




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