Dear Apple Inc Do you really need to spam me for this?

The King is Dead, Long live the King! Would Steve Job’s apple spam it’s customer base with boasting about JD powers awards that literally no one but the press cares about? Answer: NO! They won plenty of them When the company wasn’t run by the marketing weenies that now have their way with this once great company running it into the ground. FACT IN POINT: I’ve had now had 4 iPhone 4s’s in 7 months due to hardware failure. If ,in fact, I still lived in California the Lemon law would protect me for the life of my phone contract (or any other tawdry auto, electronic doo-dad that fails more than twice etc..).

Today I get spam from apple boasting the iPhone and it’s 9 awards from JD powers. JD Powers is a fucking marketing company! Let’s boast about our iPhone but not the huge failure rate users have experienced. No one cares about JD powers awards anymore with the exception of the press  because EVERYONE KNOWS they’re a fucking marketing company now and have been for almost a decade. So apple I say to you Piss off! For the people who read my meanderings a stern warning, don’t buy apple products. Apple hardware is substandard garbage with a premium price attached, in other words a polished turd. The Quality Control has become so bad in the last 3 years I’ve actually seen iPhone 5’s that have the buttons backwards in the OS for the dial pad that passed apple’s QC! I have 2 iMac’s and a macbook pro that have all had the DvD drives’s fail, all 3 have had the hard drives fail (my 27″ i7 iMac has had 3) and all have had logic board replacements. None of them are older than 36 months.

I  work on apple computers, iPads and iPhones in an enterprise environment daily. I’m seeing hardware failure rates on a scale I’ve never seen before in the PC or Apple world. I’ve been an apple computer user since the apple IIe and love OS X up through Snow Leopard, but what apple’s churning out now is garbage. I suspect the employees at their China plants are disgruntled and may even be sabotaging the product at some level. Repeatedly CEO Tim Cooks has spouted these 4 words, “We love our Customers.” Tim Cook is full of shit, he could care less about apple’s user base. When’s the last time you saw apple do something like give free iPhone bumpers to users like Jobs did in July 2010 when the new iPhone had antenna issues?  It will never happen again, Tim Cook is a liar and his behavior is indicative of Corporations leadership such as Exxon Mobile and Wall Street Banks who are all that is evil in this world.

I’m warning you, don’t buy an apple product. Apple computer’s and iPads are highly overpriced and have been plagued by failures.

Suri  – Fail
iOS maps- Fail
iOS locking screen issue – Fail
iOS Security Hack discovered the day iOS 6.1.3 was released (Tuesday of this week) – Fail
Thunderbolt Technologies on entry-level machines in 2011 and subsequently every Macintosh computer except the company’s flagship Mac Pro – Fail (that’s 30 months)
Lion and Mountain Lion plagued with security issues – Fail
Lion and Mountain Lion the worst resource hogs in OS X history – Fail
Mac Book Pro RAM being soldered into the chassis and LCD screen glued onto the chassis – Fail
Apple removing it’s products from the EPEAT rating only to reverse the decision 2 weeks later – Fail

This list can go on and on but I think you get the point. While I’m confident apple can bounce back from their QC issues especially because their hardware is so overpriced and profitable the company has billions in assets to accomplish this. I think the best decision Tim Cook can make is to move the company’s production one piece at a time to the US. When that starts to happen things will change with the QC or it will all be produced elsewhere. It’s very possible the QC is reflective of the slave labor practices in China by Foxconn and other companies that produce apple products. However my prediction is that Cook will be removed as CEO in the next 24 months and he should be. His failures are becoming mountainous to the point that stockholders have called for his resignation for almost a year and are suing apple inc. in the court systems. While Job’s compensation was $1 dollar per year Cooks is 378 Million.

A wise person once said “follow the money trail.” Need I say more?

Please join me in forwarding this spam back to CEO Tim Cook at – asking: Tim, does the apple user base really need to be spammed with this?


Apple Spam

Apple Spam


2 responses to “Dear Apple Inc Do you really need to spam me for this?

  1. Never been my favorite company. Windows 8 is so lame though I recently bought a Mac…and I still cry and hold my head in shame every now and then…lol

    • Since I have the 3 leading Microsoft Certifications (MCSE, MCSA, MCDBA) I’m an MDSN member who has access to all the beta testing goodies. I have a windows 8 Beta machine on my tech bench right now that has all the fixes for Windows 8 including an option to turn of the windows 7 desktop for non touch PC’s. When that’s released the market is going to take a huge turn. Windows 7 is brilliant and much more secure then any product Microsoft had ever produced even though it’s a direct copy of OS X in almost every way.

      Don’t get me wrong, I love OS X and my entire Studio is built around apple’s Logic Studio. All my Virtual instruments and Plug-ins are all apple’s AU technology based which I’ve poured thousands into. That being said when it’s time to upgrade I’m building a hackintosh if apple doesn’t get their shite together Laddie. I have $8k in apple hardware that’s failed time and time again in the last 2.5 years let alone what I’m seeing with my client base.

      The older Hardware from a few years back was very well made, you could by apple with confidence. I have a 12″ powebook from 2001 that still works on my night stand. I use it as a book reader for Kindle books from amazon and it runs like a top. I’ve never done anything to it except add more RAM, it even has the original hard drive. Yet my Macbook Pro that’s less then a year and a half old has had a logic board, hard drive and DVD drive replaced. That’s garbage, there’s no other explanation for it.

      What kind of Mac did you buy Mike?