The first sound ever!

When I was a wee Laddie we had a 1969 Zenith model x547-1 stereo record player that, the family that is, was allowed to touch. This was because Daddy had about 4k wrapped up in professional high-end McIntosh pro audio gear that would mean certain death of you even breathed on it! Me Da was a bit of a music snob, honestly he was a big fat music snob! A graduate of the University of Southern California he played in their Wind ensemble and Orchestra all over the states and Europe as a contra Bass player. He was a very well schooled classical musician and about as broad-minded musically as Hitler was on coexistence. Rock music wasn’t the devil, it was for pussies who couldn’t sight read!

We weren’t even allowed to listen to Rock music in my home growing up under the penalty of mowing lawns and cleaning garbage cans for life! Poor Da, he didn’t have a clue about the bumper sticker me Màthair sported on the back of her AMC of a prism with a rainbow illuminating through it and just how very Rock and Roll it was. Aye, you guessed it, Mums was a Floyd fan! Mums also had The Byrds, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, The Doors, Cream, Badfinger, Deep Purple, Steve Miller, Fleetwood Mac, John Mayall and Who records. They were all well hidden away from Da and enjoyed daily by the family until we heard the garage door open. Then we all scampered like Mice stashing all the records in our various hiding places!


Most Importantly me Màthair owned one special album containing the first sounds I can recollect hearing in my life, that album was The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour. Still today I clearly remember the very first note of side one, Roy Copestake and John Wilbraham on trumpets in the opening riff followed by John Lennon’s spoken word narration “Roll up roll up for the magical mystery tour step right this way.” It’s not by anything other than design I went on to play Trumpet for 16 years of my life I was so inspired by the very first sound I can recall hearing. I had no idea they were talking about tripping, I figured that out later on.


The catalyst for this Press was finding the actual Zenith model x547-1 stereo record player today for sale I played this album on. Seeing it brought back a wealth of emotions that had eluded me since my early childhood in a Clairaudient  and Clairscent way. I could smell that room today recalling these memories I shit you not, it was wild! This musical happening took place when I was 2 1/2 years old but is still so incredibly clear in my mind I’m a little astounded at the accuracy I can still recall it with.


I remember me Mums recalling how she was worrying about me in later conversations with my siblings. My mother, a special education teacher said I would rock back and forth in front of out little Zenith Record player for hours that summer playing Magical Mystery Tour over and over again. If anyone tried to interfere I would become quite out of control which was out of the norm of my very easy-going nature as a wee lad. She went so far as to have me tested by the powers at bay, they quickly confirmed I was a bloody nut case but, only when it came to music :D


This whole “thing” that transpired today has my Vintage electronics fetish buzzing like Mosquito’s Tweeter! Now I absolutely have to have a 1960’s era Zenith Solid State Stereophonic Record Player Turntable Model X547-1. I’m completely obsessed! In even a more twisted event concerning the happening of this afternoon I have the very same copy of The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour from my Childhood in my Vinyl collection. I think I may stop the earth inadvertently from rotating in some really brilliant kind of Chaos Magick spell if I were to play that Record on that Specific Stereo all these years later. FUCK! That sounds like so much mischievous fun >:D


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