Hole in one

Last week when jogging through my local neighborhood Frisbee park , I was lucky enough to see this lad nail a hole in one. It was nifty cool to see the wind catch it just perfectly and launch it just proper between the chains. I took handy iPhone head buds off  from blasting the Golden Gods and snapped these for geek posterity.



2 responses to “Hole in one

  1. Do you know the course in balboa park? Must’ve been 26 years ago was playing a round w my drummer. On the back 9 there is a hole surrounded by trees. Most lay up through the trees and shoot 3 or 4….. My drummer goes pro and wings it up over the trees with a little hook way up high. We went and were looking for the disc about ten minutes or so…when we look at each other and say let’s check the basket….BAM there it was wedged in there…craziest thing I ever saw…well on a frisbee golf course anyway….