Savanna Coen House Party

Last Night I had the distinct pleasure of engineering Savanna Coen’s House Party for her next CD. Savanna is an amazing talent, she just never hits a bad note ever! She sings so in tune and on pitch one can’t help wonder where Savanna channels her inner mojo from. Last night she played a cover of Desperado by the Eagles that made the hair on my neck stand straight up like an ally cat drippn’ of a hot biscuit.

I’m fortunate to play music with Savannas father whose a great harp player and shares my driven passion for music education in a county that has zero dollars allotted for it in the public school system. For the next two weeks I’ll be tirelessly locked in my studio mixing and mastering this 17 song set. I wish I could share some with friends and family now but, since I can’t, here’s Savanna playing with Buddy Guy live. Listen to this 14-year-old belt it out like a seasoned pro who’s been on the road her whole life and enjoy. Thus, also share in my gratitude for this week.


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