DV Mark amp emulator, effects unit and stereo amplifier

I’ve had the pleasure of using The DV Mark doing some overdubs this week at a local studio. My Egnater needs a new transformer so I decided to record some takes to get the tone I wanted and pay for it. Studio time is really cheap where I live because there’s a lot of competition. I’m not a fan of Mark Bass heads at all, I think the newer ones sound mushy. But I have to hand it to Mark Bass, this little amp emulator is really cool.

I went to this facility because they have a 50 watt circa 1970 Plexi I’ve played before that sounds just like what I’m looking for. You know, kind of like my Egnater but better :) I walk in and the house engineer is just cranking this Mark digital emulator and it sounds fabulous. I don’t like digital emulation because you can’t roll the volume knob off on the guitar to clean up the tone, not so with the DV Mark.  It reacts just like a tube amp with Volume swells and tone settings.

I did a little looking around after I returned home because I hadn’t ever seen one of these before. It’s placed in the market place to compete with the Kemper Profiling amp and the Axe-FX II. I’ve tried the Axe-FX II but you really had to spend a lot of time dialing in tones, not so with the DV Mark. It’s set up just like a typical 3 channel amplifier and really easy to use at half the price. I really want one after a few hours of play time, it’s the next on my list. Check out the videos below.

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