She’s the one!

The Luthiers who’ are doing the Crowning and over all “Meat Removal” of the far to square and über tall frets on my Les Paul standard text’d me some shots of the process. It made me just a bit uncomfortable to see the nut off the neck :O I can’t wait to get her back, She’s the one! (what can I say I name my geetarz) Ohhh and I love her sooo….

She’s the one came to my arms via selling some old vintage Mutron gear (one piece I’ve had since 1983, thanks Pat!), a tough trade off for sure…. But I knew I wanted a Les Paul and I knew She Was the One. When I was a Kid my First electric guitar was a tobacco burst Hohner Les Paul Copy, I was Twelve. When I brought home my Baby, it was like coming full circle. I can’t wait to get her back :)





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