Moving is not good for your Music? Part Duex

Being a responsible team member includes doing your very best when a SaaS (Software as a Service) company moves from one state to another, and the utter chaos that goes with it. I worked 60 plus hour weeks for the first two quarters I was here in Denver. I didn’t have time to think about being creative other than providing code solutions, I just had time to code and troubleshoot. Boy was that booty!

The stress became so horrid my health took a bad turn, it was ugly. I had to let go and have a balanced work to personal life ratio. It was REALLY HARD! I had poured all of myself into making this old very successful company into a new successful company. This is really difficult when you have management that just doesn’t give a crap. Welcome to private equity young padawan.

My old management team? Well lets just say the bass player and lead vocalist was one in the same in one of the bands I was working in. He was the General Manager, and an owner.  I wont drop names, but the management of the old company was exemplary! I knew it then, and I know it now…. That’s what made it such a special place to be a part of the culture. It was collaborative, awesome “let’s build useful tools for our clients” heaven. But that’s the past….. Live in the now!

I could not unplug from my career, even with my stress related health issue. However, I realized very quickly it was because I was not in a good creative space. If I had a great room to create in like I did in Oregon, it would have been easy. Trade one addiction for the other so to speak. This could not happen in this space, unless I wanted to commit 5k to sound treatment that would be mostly useless elsewhere.

To make things darker, both of my Mac’s died within 10 days of each other. Poor baby! NOT, I just kept thinking about ways to create, I never gave up. If I was the type of person who wasn’t tenacious, I would be the guy who quit playing music like the rest of them once I had children at the behest of my spouse.  Did I mention I’m divorced? HAHA! That is not me, not me what so ever.

For a year, I thought deeply about how I could get back into a daily creative routine. I am now in a creative space, but before I touch upon that I want to share the 4 things I learned:

  • Taking a Break is good sometimes to reflect on your creative “Engine.”
  • Journaling here beyond what I was writing privately was a huge part of my process. I just didn’t realize it at the time.  It is / was a very creative process. It’s lovely to revisit this blog!
  • If you have to downsize, be grateful! It can turn out to be such a positive thing in your life.
  • If your Mac(S) takes a dive and you lose Mac Journal, WRITE ION SCRAPS OF PAPER! Do not stop writing ever, period.

As I suffered through buying a used PC (Dell 8 core Xeon 2.7) I know I could never utilize this tool to write, record, create, mix and master…. whatever. Let’s face it, I have thousand’s of dollars invested in Logic’s plugin’s. I’m just simply not a Pro Tools guy let alone a windowz human. The only OS for me is OS X. Boy, buying a 5K mac was not in the cards while looking for a Town home close to downtown Denver.

My answer came to me as I was trying to switch phone carriers. I am with Sprint, as advertised they’re not so great. BUT….. I brokered a deal with them because they owe me a new phone and quite frankly I

Until next time….. Stay Thirsty my Friends!

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