Drum Session sounds GREAT!

I must admit I have not had the time to dive deep into drum Session, but I’ve put some good solid 2 hours into going through the UI and mostly listening. I just took a new position that I am so ecstatic to have, it’s a perfect fit for me. In my defense, the hours I’m spending at the day gig are long. Usually, I would be all over a great app like Drum Session.

Since today the first update rolled out of the iTunes store, I felt compelled to write about Drum Session before I updated. This is not a review just yet… Here’s what I know thus far:

It sounds fantastic!
It’s very simple to use
The MIDI piano roll portion of the UI is very solid.

The piano roll was updated in the Version 1.0.3 release today, but I’m still running the original version. I think it’s solid! I haven’t updated the app yet to V 1.0.3, I wanted to finish this blog before I had scrum release blues opinions.

What really stands out:

  • There is a plethora of drum kits in Drum Session. This is great because most of the samples are mixed with different reverb and compression levels. However most have a reasonably dry mix for each kit. That is really a feature I like A LOT!
  • Drum Session sounds so much better that any app I have heard since launching my iOS music creation experiment in March of this year. This is the KILLER Drum app I have been waiting for.
  • There’s a lot of choice for $24.99. It’s scalable for the price, It’s scalable for sound, It’s scalable for custom beat creating when you can compare to other apps available. That’s a huge value add for me.

The only feature request I have for you Derick Buddemyer if you read this is the font color in the UI. I’m not sure if this is because I am using the 12.9” screen of the iPad pro, but the dark font color against the dark grey background is difficult to see on the top buttons and the black piano keys of the UI. That’s the only feature enhancement I can suggest.

After 2 hours, I love this app and I think many others will too!

3 responses to “Drum Session sounds GREAT!

  1. You should download the latest update…lol. It ROCKS! We are also drastically changing the UI when we release the iPhone version (iPad UI will follow suit) next update will feature 6 new kits… 1 will be a dry kit with everything panned “up the middle” and to be used for stem export…the other 5 are custom studio engineered kits that will blow you away. LINK is also being worked into the scheme of things. Not to mention our drum store in the works…offering several loop packs in various genres that will contain between 500-1000 loops per pack. Continuous updates and big plans for the next couple years…we came to ROCK…and we aren’t stopping.

    • That sounds sweet! I’ve seen a few other apps such as Drum Loops HD which don’t offer additional content. That’s a bad revenue model and bad for the artist as well. Looking forward to what you have coming in the road-map!