The Kiss end of the road was clearly the end of the last tour

This isn’t the kind of thing I usually write but I had a serious Face Palm moment at the Kiss show in Portland last Friday. Since the music industry model changed a whole lot in 2003-ish concert tickets have become pricy. There’s only a few bands I’m going to drop $300 or $400 on for a show. Tool hell yes, Rush, yeah I did but Kiss? No, I would not pay $400 for a Kiss show without Ace Frehley….. But my girlfriend would!

My birthday was last weekend so the show was a really nice gift. My Girlfriend is a talented musician, singer, piano payer and violinist who knows her craft well. The tickets were on the floor of the Moda Center about the middle of that space. They opened with Detroit Rock City and literally one minute into the song she grabbed me and said is Paul Really singing? I had already realized Paul was Lip Syncing and I was shocked. 

Not only was Paul singing to a backtrack, the AV team didn’t try in the least to hide it. Closeups of Paul Stanley on the video monitor miles away from the microphone singing in complete pitch. All night long he would look down at his guitar neck to change cords sometimes with his mouth closed. It was obvious!

The sad thing was as we left not only were people taking about how Paul was Lip Syncing, but how the merch booths had little or no lines. The booths were packed before the show. I was going to buy a Tee but after that show no chance. Even more peculiar was my Girlfriend who had seen kiss 11 times didn’t buy a thing. 

We both felt that the whole show was a complete farce. Don’t get me wrong I have never seen props in any Rock Show like the end of the road. It was fake as heck though, it was really bogus and inauthentic. If you’re planning on dropping big money on this tour I would check out the YouTube videos first. It should have been billed as the fictitious four takes your money. 


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