Does actually have any employees?

I am saddened to report that Mariner Software has officially left me without any support on a new product PERIOD. My first purchase from Mariner Software I date at around 2002, I have been a customer for 16 plus years. As I had previously mentioned I was having issues with journaling software I have used daily for some time, the now infamous MacJournal. 

I purchased their iOS MacJournal app around a month ago. When I decided to sync it up with my MacBook’s MacJournal it quickly turned into a train wreck. Not only did the Journals not import from iOS it deleted many entries on the MacBook. I use this software for everything from Personal Journals, Blog entries, to do lists etc. It actually worked very well for that for many years and I was a very happy client.

I email Mariner  support from their website and say Yo mates WTH? They actually respond “Yeah the developer tried to make that sync work with drop box a while ago here’s a KB.” I respond I’m more concerned with the Journals that I lost during the sync, can we work that problem please? Crickets, nothing. I respond several times via email asking for an update, no returned message. This goes on for weeks. 

I was so unhappy with being shut out of any help for weeks I finally did something i’ve never ever done before, I flamed them on social media. I really disliked doing that. I’ve never purchased software from a well known vendor that dropped off the face of the earth like Mariner Software has. I really didn’t know what to do, I’ve never had any trouble with support in 16 years. Mariner Software advises “we sent that on to the developer some time ago, we will send this again.” That was 6 days ago, no response at all. 

The moral of the story here kids is DO NOT BUY SOFTWARE FROM 

Jimmy Page guitar sells at London auction for $40,000

An acoustic guitar played by Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page during Roy Harper’s 70th birthday concert at London’s Royal Festival Hall in 2011 has been sold at a London entertainment memorabilia auction for £26,250 (approx. $40,000 US).

The Martin ‘Birthday Special 2007’ acoustic guitar was sold by auction house Bonhams on Wednesday, with proceeds benefiting the charity Action for Brazil’s Children Trust, of which Page is a patron.

The guitar (serial no. 1151442) label inside body was signed by J.R. Warner and C.F. Martin IV, the fingerboard inlaid with Led Zeppelin and Zodiac symbols and the guitarist’s name, was offered in its original hard case together with a signed letter from Jimmy Page and a color photograph of him playing the guitar at the November 5, 2011 concert.

The ABC Trust is dedicated to helping the street children and most vulnerable young people of Brazil. By raising awareness and funding it supports the work of local, community-led organizations which give children the education, support and inspiration that they need to transform their own lives.

Other items auctioned by Bonhams included a rare set of handwritten lyrics for “The Jean Genie” signed by David Bowie in 1972, an autographed guitar from AC/DC’s Angus Young, various Beatles and Rolling Stones items, and a lot of historic film memorabilia.


Changing ISP’s really is a pain in the babooshka!

Most people who work in tech are aware how evil Comcast corp is. They break laws like I change my socks and have the moral compass of a turd that cant be shined. When I caught Comcast trying to hijack my web browser with the malware they’ve so publicly touted in the tech press I picked up the phone and kindly told them to fuck off. I may be writing this from my iPhone but I feel pretty good about firing a company thats breaking Federal law and trying to take command of my home office network with shitware (thats a technical term for you noobs).

Unfortunately gaining access with a new isp is not a quick process these days. I need static ip’s for my needs and a 100 mbs speeds. This will take a week but I’m ok with that. Overall, I still feel really good because my decision was warranted. My firewall logs don’t lie and my proxy catches just about everything. It’s sad that laws only govern people in this day and age while evil shits such as the telcos and energy conglomerates can do as they please.

Comcast, I truly say unto you GFY!

Rob Zombie Guitarist Extraordinaire John 5’s Guitars Stolen

Rob Zombie / ex-Marilyn Manson guitarist John 5 was recently the victim of a home burglary, which left the virtuosic shredder without a portion of his beloved guitar collection.

In response to the robbery, John 5 has posted photos of some of the stolen items on Facebook with the hope that someone out there will identify and return a few, if not all, of his most prized possessions.

Among the items stolen from John 5′s house are a number of Fender Telecasters, a black Gibson Les Paul with three gold humbucking pickups, a banjo and a piece of artwork depicting the monster from ‘The Creature From the Black Lagoon.’ John 5 also added a photo of his signature ’5′ strap to help identify an instrument that could possibly belong to the strummer.

John 5 reached out to his fans via Facebook:

Unfortunately our house was robbed today, we accidentally didn’t put the alarm on, so some assholes got lucky! We will post more pictures of more guitars, these are all the pictures we have now. I just want to put it out there, just in case anyone comes across these items.. Whoever did this will get caught hopefully one day!

John 5 is planning to post additional pictures of items stolen from his home, so keep your eyes open for further updates. John 5′s latest contribution to the world of music, Rob Zombie’s upcoming ‘Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor,’ is set for an April 23 release. Rob Zombie and his crew will also headline this year’s Mayhem Festival in the summer.

John 5 has posted detailed information on the items stolen from his house:

Items stolen:

  • Make/Model: Fender Telecaster
  • Serial Number: R33725
  • Color: Sparkle Silver
  • Make/Model: Fender Telecaster
  • Serial Number: V137811
  • Color: Black with white piping
  • Make/Model: Custom Normandy Guitars Alumicaster
  • Serial Number: Custom
  • Color: Chrome plated, had two black humbuckers, no pickguard and a Gibson style selector switch located where Gibson puts them (upper bout)
  • Make/Model: Gibson Les Paul
  • Serial Number: –
  • Color: Black with gold pick-ups
  • Make/Model: Deering Deluxe Banjo
  • Serial Number: 02256103B
  • Detail: 6 String Banjo
  • Item: Painting
  • Details: The Creature from the Black Lagoon painting on white frame. Custom painting by Rob Zombie
  • Detail: Happy Birthday J5
  • Item: RIAA Record Award
  • Details: R.I.A.A. awarded to John 5 and Rob Zombie for the album Educated Horses.
  • Detail: Happy Birthday J5
  • Item: Mac Computer
  • Details: Mac Book Pro Laptop OSX 1025
  • Item: Mac Computer
  • Details: Mac 21 Home Computer

If you have any details that may be of help, please contact the authorities, send a message to John 5 on his Twitter and Facebook or use this contact form and make sure you choose “Info regarding stolen items” in the drop down subject.

John 5′s website continues, “Please circulate this info to guitar dealers, pawn brokers and have a look on eBay, Craigslist, Amazon etc – and remember IF you see anything you GENUINELY believe to be one of the items described PLEASE do not pursue on your own but contact the authorities.”

Riots breaking out in Brooklyn New York mainstream press ignore story

screen_shot_2013-03-11_at_10.37.05_pm and Are both reporting that riots are breaking out in Brooklyn NY.

Saturday 16 year old Kimani Gray was shot 16 times by an undercover police officer, 16 times! People have taken to the streets in protest when the police started to antagonize protestors. I saw it myself stream live, NYPD thugs pushing people into garbage cans with their batons. These small low I.Q. high octane like-minded moronic thugs and cretins caused this murder and will slowly turn it to brutality. You can monitor the story by the following people on site: Ustream – Twitter hash-tag #BrooklynRiot More More Protests are scheduled for Tomorrow Night.

Of course all the news networks in the United States are all dark on this story after 2 nights of protests like anything else newsworthy that happens within the borders of the USA. The people must be pass along what’s happening amongst ourselves person 2 person, the corporate slave machine has all the normal channels of information tied up. #Freedom

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