Back from whence I came

I am back in Oregon from the dirty D (Denver). Boy am I glad to be back home.


Indonesia Punk Rock Scene! Quite the amazing read

I’m really engaged with the articles Ultimate guitar is writing about bands abroad! Indonesia Punk Rock Scene is another great read, enjoy!

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iOS 10

I’m wishing Cubasis for iOS 10 had much more hardware support. Cubasis has no support for Presonus, wth? It’s Presonus sad face sad face sad face  

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Moving is not good for your Music?

As I had indicated in my first post in almost 2 years, I moved to Colorado! However moving from a 3 bedroom home to an apartment that was supposed to be short term… well lets just say it sucks beyond belief. For 18 months I played very little guitar thus resulting in my chops becoming diaper green baby doo doo.

Oh, and the delusions of grandeur in moving here resulted in my buying the perfect project studio mix desk:


That’s precisely where that desk has resided, lonely and not used.  You see the apartment I moved into is really nice High End Nordic style living, but the ceilings are far taller that what we normally have in the US. AND….The walls are filled with concrete YAY! The neighbors will never hear my SHRED right? No they wont, the concrete will just bounce the frequencies as do the tall ceilings, anything you record will sound horrible. It is impossible to record a decent electric guitar tone here even with all the sound treatment I brought with me.

I was stuck, but in more ways than one.

Guess what? Denver is the fastest growing city in the US. Oh crap, my short term housing strategy just turned into a longer term reality. The housing market in every way increased in value, I looked at several homes online that were swallowed up in less than 24 hours. Rentals are the same way. There are far more people in Denver Colorado then there is housing available period. It’s cray cray like nothing I’ve seen ever before :(

What to do…. THE Next, the year of my life I actually almost stopped playing guitar altogether. Let alone compose music, It was terrible.

But it’s late and I need to be a responsible Team Member, more to come in the next few days.

The story does get better 0.o



For this Minstrel, life’s great moments can be few and far between just like anyone. When those moments manifest themselves in such a magnificent lovely way, I can’t help but glow with Gratitude. Thank you universe :)

Last night I spent the night with the girl I love, recorded audition tracks for some of the most amazing Prog musicians in my Community, Was gifted Logic X by my best friend and created music with that friend for the entire afternoon.

Dam it feels good to be a Gangster!


R.I.P. Bill Lawrence

The iconic guitar pickup designer Bill Lawrence has left the building. All Hail Bill Lawrence Huzzah!


With great sadness in our hearts, the man we know as Bill Lawrence in the music industry passed away on November 2, 2013 at approximately 9:20AM.

BL1Bill was a strong and courageous man. Even in his last few days, Bill fought to live. He’d talk about Music, Pickups & Guitars — and Life, and we, at his company, were still working because this is what Bill Lawrence wanted to know — that his company & legacy is carrying on as usual.

We will miss the Bill Lawrence Mighty Force. Bill brought so much, and he wanted to stay here on earth to keep giving. One thing, yesterday as preparing the necessary paperwork, required is Designation of Race. In Honor of Bill Lawrence and his wishes, we included Human.

A Memorial Service will be held Friday 11/8/13 at 3:00PM Fairhaven Memorial Park 1702 Fairhaven Avenue Santa Ana, Orange County, CA 92705 — 714-633-1442

Love, Becky