Retro electronics fetish

My retro electronics fetish is getting a little out of control these days. No I’m not talking Vintage Betty Page leather or sex toys, I’m taking electronics big daddy nerd style. I never should have put that 60’s Silvertone Sears amp back together, but it sounds brilliant! Pandora’s Box is open.

I was really close with my Grandfather, he would woo me with hours of tales of Scotland (Wince my family came) that left large impressions on my young budding mind. He also had a great voice, I mean stellar! After he passed I often wondered why he never sang professionally, he had the chops boy. When he passed I had scantily anything to remember him by be it a few Masonic items me mums made sure fell into my possession. They Adorne my Samhain alter every year along with other knickknacks of loved one’s passed beyond the veil.

When it came time to help my folks clean out his weekend Cabin in the Mountains I acquired his 1955 Zenith console Television which I watched as a kid and teen while spending family time at the cabin. I think it worked up until 1985-ish or so. It’s made of beautiful Maple that may yet become a guitar neck(s) someday but that was never the catalyst for grabbing it, I wanted to have the wonderful memories of sitting in his lap as a child watching that Tele. It’s adorned my front room for may years now no matter how much my ex protested. Now the unthinkable has happened, I’ve started going through the chassis with a meter. After all, I have plenty of tubes from guitar amps on hand to test with, many are the size and type that run the tuner. I actually have a live Cathode ray tube emitting light, I’m almost there.

November was the month of “take that garbage that you’re not using to the goodwill festival.” As I was going through my racks of old computers I use for work and play I came across a very well packed chest with none other than a 1972 Class A point to point hand wired Stereo Hi-Fi Tuner / Amplifier. It was my fathers whom bequeathed to me when he upgraded while I was in High School. I used it for years to ghetto master recordings from my Tape machines. It has a wonderful subtle line compression that also lifts the volume very nicely in a true vacuum tube fashion with no distortion. This was easy, just one 12-AX-7 tube and a fuse and abracadabra! It’s running like a champ. Here’s the new improved front room of “The Cave” for your viewing pleasure.