For this Minstrel, life’s great moments can be few and far between just like anyone. When those moments manifest themselves in such a magnificent lovely way, I can’t help but glow with Gratitude. Thank you universe :)

Last night I spent the night with the girl I love, recorded audition tracks for some of the most amazing Prog musicians in my Community, Was gifted Logic X by my best friend and created music with that friend for the entire afternoon.

Dam it feels good to be a Gangster!



My Secret Place

I have a Secret Place, a real place outside of my mind, inside my soul in which I travel to every morning. It’s a place of exercise, a place of nurture and health, a place of water, a place of air, a place of Meditation and Prayer, a place of earth, a place of fire, a place of Gold, a place to watch the Beautiful people, a place that looks upon and over the crying whale who inspires me in ways known and unknown for so many reasons I can’t explain or fully comprehend. My secret place is close to God and Her wonderful beautiful eyes, that sets my soul at rest even in the most turbulent storms at the bloodied hands of lying contrived fools. When I pass to the great beyond, as the frequency I’ll become, my last wish is to have my ashes spread upon my Secret place wince that small part of myself I know will remain. Thus saith the Aquarian, thus saith the water bearer! There I will commune with my lovely kind friend the Crying Whale of the Willamette. There we will dance, there we will sing, there we will play the sacred songs of the whale, there we will laugh, there we will experience joy, there we will welcome the laughing children and hold hand to fin watching the beautiful people go to and fro. My Secret place is where I long to be, always, with my beloved friend who weeps for her murdered kin in silence.

My Secret Place

My Secret Place

the Crying Whale of the Willamette

The Crying Whale of the Willamette

IK Multimedia Sonik Synth $29.99 US/€24.99 2 days only!

WOWZA! IK Multimedia has a new holiday-inspired discount program called Krazy Deal. IK Multimedia is offering  Sonik Synth for $29.99 US/€24.99 normally $199.99 US for father’s day. Very Nice! I haven’t updated this Virtual Synthesizer in so long I had to purchase the new version even thought I use it all the time, especially for integrated Web Flash soundscapes. They’ve added so much sound content since my last Version that especially focuses on Strings I’m giddy with joy. I have needed to update this software for a long time but wasn’t willing to dish $200 for it.

My current creative obsession is owning the sounds of the Vienna Symphonic Library, only Danny Elfman has $10,000 to spend on virtual instruments. However they are what creates all that magnificent music you hear in the new (since 2005) Doctor Who and Harry Potter movies. It’s an incredible tool, especially if you can read and write music scores. Thank you (my High School Band director) Danny Wagner! If you’re a savvy Engineer they sky’s the limit with VSL. What I could do with the 11 years of band geekdom my public education passed me with a tool like that, well I can dream for hours. Back to the point, Sonik Synth’s normal street price is $199.99. This is a great deal, check out the link. I downloaded several additional libraries that came with the new version totaling well over a 1 GB compressed as a .dmg file. I would say in size its new sound library is large enough to be the next thing in line to Omnisphere after playing around with it.

Check it out here: IK Multimedia Sonik Synth $29.99 US/€24.99 2 days only!