Changing ISP’s really is a pain in the babooshka!

Most people who work in tech are aware how evil Comcast corp is. They break laws like I change my socks and have the moral compass of a turd that cant be shined. When I caught Comcast trying to hijack my web browser with the malware they’ve so publicly touted in the tech press I picked up the phone and kindly told them to fuck off. I may be writing this from my iPhone but I feel pretty good about firing a company thats breaking Federal law and trying to take command of my home office network with shitware (thats a technical term for you noobs).

Unfortunately gaining access with a new isp is not a quick process these days. I need static ip’s for my needs and a 100 mbs speeds. This will take a week but I’m ok with that. Overall, I still feel really good because my decision was warranted. My firewall logs don’t lie and my proxy catches just about everything. It’s sad that laws only govern people in this day and age while evil shits such as the telcos and energy conglomerates can do as they please.

Comcast, I truly say unto you GFY!

I’m surrounded by insane people and I like it :p

Why do you ask do I adore these insane people? Because they are most awesome human beings to co-exist with! Case in Point…. This first image is taken at 4:52 Pm and resides in a room full of the most lovely insane people on this good earth. EAR!


This image is the flip side 180 degree flip-flop i.e. the backside of the image above… YAY!


This last image is my total ultimate favorite! This is… let’s call him “A.” This is his Hot Sauce Ball! OMG OMG OMG WTH ! The SR. Systems admin has this little hot sauce widget (that’s a technical term) in his space, others bring him offerings often to add to the “hot sauce Borg collective hive.” Resistance is futile! :D


This Year I’m so grateful for my most treasured awesome INSANE people :)