IK Multimedia Sonik Synth $29.99 US/€24.99 2 days only!

WOWZA! IK Multimedia has a new holiday-inspired discount program called Krazy Deal. IK Multimedia is offering  Sonik Synth for $29.99 US/€24.99 normally $199.99 US for father’s day. Very Nice! I haven’t updated this Virtual Synthesizer in so long I had to purchase the new version even thought I use it all the time, especially for integrated Web Flash soundscapes. They’ve added so much sound content since my last Version that especially focuses on Strings I’m giddy with joy. I have needed to update this software for a long time but wasn’t willing to dish $200 for it.

My current creative obsession is owning the sounds of the Vienna Symphonic Library, only Danny Elfman has $10,000 to spend on virtual instruments. However they are what creates all that magnificent music you hear in the new (since 2005) Doctor Who and Harry Potter movies. It’s an incredible tool, especially if you can read and write music scores. Thank you (my High School Band director) Danny Wagner! If you’re a savvy Engineer they sky’s the limit with VSL. What I could do with the 11 years of band geekdom my public education passed me with a tool like that, well I can dream for hours. Back to the point, Sonik Synth’s normal street price is $199.99. This is a great deal, check out the link. I downloaded several additional libraries that came with the new version totaling well over a 1 GB compressed as a .dmg file. I would say in size its new sound library is large enough to be the next thing in line to Omnisphere after playing around with it.

Check it out here: IK Multimedia Sonik Synth $29.99 US/€24.99 2 days only!