I’m surrounded by insane people and I like it :p

Why do you ask do I adore these insane people? Because they are most awesome human beings to co-exist with! Case in Point…. This first image is taken at 4:52 Pm and resides in a room full of the most lovely insane people on this good earth. EAR!


This image is the flip side 180 degree flip-flop i.e. the backside of the image above… YAY!


This last image is my total ultimate favorite! This is… let’s call him “A.” This is his Hot Sauce Ball! OMG OMG OMG WTH ! The SR. Systems admin has this little hot sauce widget (that’s a technical term) in his space, others bring him offerings often to add to the “hot sauce Borg collective hive.” Resistance is futile! :D


This Year I’m so grateful for my most treasured awesome INSANE people :)

R.I.P. Ray Bradbury

I really loved RB’s book, the Martian Chronicles was my favorite even over Fahrenheit 451. As a Kid and Teen growing up in Southern California where Mr. Bradbury resided he had local reading and book store appearances often. I was very fortunate to see a half-dozen of them. He was very Nerdy, very Nice, very funny at times and seemed to really be a genuine person who loved literature.

I finish about half the books I start, if it doesn’t grab me by half way I’ll start another. When I’m single I usually start about 2 books a week. When I’m dating a lot of that me time like in any relationship you’re watering for growth gets taken up by boy meets girl things. Plus I’m fortunate to have the absolute most kick ass public library in my town that I’ve ever seen. Very few books have stories and Character development that I can absolutely get lost within such as the before mentioned titles in an “Alice in Wonderland” kind of way. Ray Bradbury pulled me into the true pulse of literature every time, even when I read his titles again and again.

My 3 favorite Authors have all passed, a sign I’m getting old I reckon.

Ray Bradbury, 91, scifi authorsaw future, said ‘Don’t go there’ – BostonHerald.com.

Robs weekly

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): On Reddit.com, Kaushalp88 asked the
question, “What is the most badass thing that you have ever done, but
that other people weren’t impressed by?” Here’s his own story: “I was at
an ice-cream shop. At the exit, there was a small raised step I didn’t see. I
tripped over it with my ice cream cone in my right hand. The ice cream
ball sprung out of the cone. I instinctively lurched my left hand forward
and grabbed it, but at the same time I was already falling toward the
pavement. I tucked my head into my chest and made a perfect
somersault, rising to my feet and plopping the ice cream back in the
cone.” I suspect you will soon have comparable experiences, Aquarius —
unusual triumphs and unexpected accomplishments. But you may have to
be content with provoking awe in no one else beside yourself.

Great, you just re-told the story of my life rob  :0

Loss of a Big Brother / Teacher / Biker / Hippy-Surfer / Guitar player / Keyboard Pirate!

My brother had been sick with throat cancer for well over a year, we, his family thought because he was so young he had really good odds. He responded to treatment and even rode the zip lines at the San Diego Zoo in September. In 3 weeks he went from really good to terrible, the word is terminal. He fought like a brave Scottish piper till the end which was far longer then the physicians predicted. I don’t blame him, he had a awesome wife who adored him and a 13 year old daughter who was his everything. They were a tight family who did everything together on the weekends but he suffered more then most cancer patients do by far. I was relieved in the end he was out of pain and not suffering.

Now he has left this plane of existence and I’m left wondering “wow, my older brother, musical cohort and teacher” has left the building but only for now. All the piano, Guitar and dots on the page were thoroughly taught to me with a “make a new noise even if it’s with a piece of corn cob or ice cube rubbing on the strings” mentality. Total freedom of expression. I express to you big brother my gratitude for being so fucking rad! A Kay amp, a pre CBS Fender Twin and double cut Les Paul Jr you bought me all before I was 18.

Thanks for the gift of music Brother, I live for it everyday.

-little brother

PS grief can make you suffer and cry but it can also make you laugh when you remember the good stuff

Pain, Suffering and narrow minded people you love

I somehow still can’t believe in this day and age someone would deny another medicine to ease their suffering and have that someone be a loved and cherished family member. The Church has frightened people needlessly ever since I’ve been alive in this incarnation into believing the most absurd things. Ay Caramba!!!



My friend Erica once coined the term frippy from trippy and freaky, I might add we were drunk as skunks at solstice but having a dam good time :) When I was packing gear for the new years gig I realized my trusted custom Telly still had no tone knob on it from when I cannibalized it for my strat I sold to Chris. I had this knob in a Guitar Center package that I’ve had since High School and had hung onto for years. It even had that old cheesy Red and Gold Guitar Center packaging on it. I had purchased it on a drug bender thinking I was going to build a guitar, fucking addicts we do some strange shit when we’re out running a muck still.

Originally a three knob package, two volume and one tone two had been used but one was still with me. In that moment the nostalgia ran through me deeply almost like a deja vu of another life, it was so long ago I had purchased this tiny piece of plastic. So many memories from that addicted era are destroyed from my hard drive from the virus I was consuming, this one still with me someway somehow. On all days too, new years 2012! I connected the dots so very clearly in the moment as synchronicity and took stock in what I was feeling right then and there. Not only had I survived Heroin and Cocaine against all odds but I had survived it all because of the love I have with guitar, songwriting, singing and music. It was art that saved my life then it has always been so.

It made and makes life worth living for me somehow. When you’re down as low as I was you’re just waiting day by day to die. You know one day soon like the rest of your peers who are all addicts you’re going to be the next casualty in the morg. When one is trying to kill themselves slowly with China white and blow as not to feel the pain you’ve somehow survived through growing into adulthood is only a slow suicide. All these thought slammed into my mind all at once BAM! It was Frippy! There are those moments that I’m grateful to still be here, then there’s those moments when I think about death knowing it’s the next great adventure. Happy fucking new year!

Stormy Monday

Stormy Monday’s are meant for the 3 B’s, a bottle, a boink and a bed. It stormed all day today and cold as as witches titties, some witches I know are colder then others. Not that witches are bad, most are are the kindest most well balanced people I know, some…. Not so much. Cat Woman came over this afternoon looking so beautiful, my 3 B day was on the way. She is a most amazing human, but as a lover she’s a fun girl. A Pisces Sun and a Cancer moon this girl has, woof! She doesn’t turn into a bottle of wine or a cigarette after hot heathen love, but she’s always willing to go get one or even both. She’s a kind heart and so genuine, beloved like an 80’s love ballad by her peers. And here comes Frank!

Thank you for the lovely bottle of of catnip cat woman, it goes good with the blues on a cold Monday while you catnap :) I hope jamming with the Alman Bros doesn’t wake you but if it does at least you’re still naked under those covers. I wonder where the tail ended up?


Locks of Love, cancer and people who love you

Here is one brave scoutmaster!

I’ve been donating my hair to Locks of Love for 15 years. My father hated my long hair therefore when he died from cancer far to young I decided to put his gene pool to good use by donating my waist long hair year he passed away. I just lopped it all off again here 6 months ago and even shaved it bald this time to match my older brothers bald head. My brother was diagnosed with throat cancer last year, statistically he’s far to young in his 40’s but sadly a smoker. My big bro taught me every chord I knew growing up on the guitar and almost every song I can play on the piano to this day. He taught me to sing and on my 13th birthday he bought me a huge Gibson Lab series guitar amp, the same amp Ty Tabor used for that famous Ty Tabor tone. It was so heavy I couldn’t even move it, my father was furious! He was only 19 working as a box boy and he did that for me, what a great brother.

A Date with Jimi

Last night I was working on the solo from The wind cries marry, that’s such a sweet little solo and so completely beautiful. Hendrix had such a way of looking at note relationships that I could only comprehend by learning his work note for note. For instance the wind cries mary, not a difficult solo to play but when you analyze what he’s playing harmony wise it’s brilliant! His improvisation is so out of the box, all Hail the high Potentate!

Justin Sandercoe doing a really tight comp of the wind cries marry