For this Minstrel, life’s great moments can be few and far between just like anyone. When those moments manifest themselves in such a magnificent lovely way, I can’t help but glow with Gratitude. Thank you universe :)

Last night I spent the night with the girl I love, recorded audition tracks for some of the most amazing Prog musicians in my Community, Was gifted Logic X by my best friend and created music with that friend for the entire afternoon.

Dam it feels good to be a Gangster!



Love app Tech Support

One of the musicians in the Blues band I play in sent me this, it was to sweet not to share. Thanks Josh! Oh and I love you my brother :D

Tech Support: Yes, how can I help you?

Customer: Well, after much consideration, I’ve decided luvapp
to install Love. Can you guide me through the process?

Tech Support: Yes. I can help you. Are you ready to proceed?

Customer: Well, I’m not very technical, but I think I’m ready. What do I do first?

Tech Support: The first step is to open your Heart. Have you located your Heart?

Customer: Yes, but there are several other programs running now. Is it okay to install Love while they are running?

Tech Support: What programs are running?

Customer: Let’s see, I have Past Hurt, Low Self-Esteem, Grudge and Resentment running right now.

Tech Support: No problem, Love will gradually erase Past Hurt from your current operating system. It may remain in your permanent memory but it will no longer disrupt other programs. Love will eventually override Low Self-Esteem with a module of its own called High Self-Esteem. However, you have to completely turn off Grudge and Resentment. Those programs prevent Love from being properly installed. Can you turn those off?

Customer: I don’t know how to. Can you tell me how?

Tech Support: With pleasure. Go to your start menu and invoke Forgiveness. Do this as many times as necessary until Grudge and Resentment have been completely erased.

Customer: Okay, done! Love has started installing itself. Is that normal?

Tech Support: Yes, but remember that you have only the base program. You need to begin connecting to other Hearts in order to get the upgrades.

Customer: Oops! I have an error message already. It says, “Error – Program not run on external components.” What should I do?

Tech Support: Don’t worry. It means that the Love program is set up to run on Internal Hearts, but has not yet been run on your Heart. In non-technical terms, it simply means you have to Love yourself before you can Love others.

Customer: So, what should I do?

Tech Support: Pull down Self-Acceptance; then click on the following files: Forgive-Self; Realize Your Worth; and Acknowledge your Limitations.

Customer: Okay, done.

Tech Support: Now, copy them to the “My Heart” directory. The system will overwrite any conflicting files and begin patching faulty programming. Also, you need to delete Verbose Self-Criticism from all directories and empty your Recycle Bin to make sure it is completely gone and never comes back.

Customer: Got it. Hey! My heart is filling up with new files. Smile is playing on my monitor and Peace and Contentment are copying themselves all over My Heart. Is this normal?

Tech Support: Sometimes. For others it takes awhile, but eventually everything gets it at the proper time. So Love is installed and running. One more thing before we hang up.

Love is Freeware.

Be sure to give it and its various modules to everyone you meet. They will in turn share it with others and return some cool modules back to you.

Customer: Thank you, God.

CREATOR, aka, Tech Support: You’re Welcome, Anytime.

Personal Diary Entry for January 5th 2013

I spoke with my long time college friends Lisa and Laura which is dam epic considering schedules in the last 24 hours, it was fucking brilliant! Gods I love those two girls, they’re the best. To add even more epic awesomeness, DM came over and taught me Manic Depression note 4 note nuances and all. Clue, nuances, Hendrix, almost impossible….Dam it feels good 2 B a gangster with a Les Paul. Hey Hey You You you’re welcome on my cloud :)

Les Paul Standard

Les Paul Standard

Fathers day gift ideas opinions wanted Fishing!

When my brother died this year it shook my mother and my step father to the core of their inner strength. My brother and my step father for almost 20 years were close, it has been very difficult on My step father and mother while my brother was Ill and when he passed. My Step father has done a pretty good job of taking care of my mother and my family through this like an ace! Therefore I’m wanting to give a special fathers day gift with my siblings step and otherwise, but none of us are fishermen or Fisher-women and not very in the know.  So you! You who are here reading this! If you’re a person who likes to fish river or lake or, if you’re especially kind and are willing to ask that person in your life who’s in the know about what to get an avid fisherman I would be most grateful if you would share :)

Comments are most welcome :)

My Step Dad “butch!”

Loss of a Big Brother / Teacher / Biker / Hippy-Surfer / Guitar player / Keyboard Pirate!

My brother had been sick with throat cancer for well over a year, we, his family thought because he was so young he had really good odds. He responded to treatment and even rode the zip lines at the San Diego Zoo in September. In 3 weeks he went from really good to terrible, the word is terminal. He fought like a brave Scottish piper till the end which was far longer then the physicians predicted. I don’t blame him, he had a awesome wife who adored him and a 13 year old daughter who was his everything. They were a tight family who did everything together on the weekends but he suffered more then most cancer patients do by far. I was relieved in the end he was out of pain and not suffering.

Now he has left this plane of existence and I’m left wondering “wow, my older brother, musical cohort and teacher” has left the building but only for now. All the piano, Guitar and dots on the page were thoroughly taught to me with a “make a new noise even if it’s with a piece of corn cob or ice cube rubbing on the strings” mentality. Total freedom of expression. I express to you big brother my gratitude for being so fucking rad! A Kay amp, a pre CBS Fender Twin and double cut Les Paul Jr you bought me all before I was 18.

Thanks for the gift of music Brother, I live for it everyday.

-little brother

PS grief can make you suffer and cry but it can also make you laugh when you remember the good stuff

Pain, Suffering and narrow minded people you love

I somehow still can’t believe in this day and age someone would deny another medicine to ease their suffering and have that someone be a loved and cherished family member. The Church has frightened people needlessly ever since I’ve been alive in this incarnation into believing the most absurd things. Ay Caramba!!!


Stormy Monday

Stormy Monday’s are meant for the 3 B’s, a bottle, a boink and a bed. It stormed all day today and cold as as witches titties, some witches I know are colder then others. Not that witches are bad, most are are the kindest most well balanced people I know, some…. Not so much. Cat Woman came over this afternoon looking so beautiful, my 3 B day was on the way. She is a most amazing human, but as a lover she’s a fun girl. A Pisces Sun and a Cancer moon this girl has, woof! She doesn’t turn into a bottle of wine or a cigarette after hot heathen love, but she’s always willing to go get one or even both. She’s a kind heart and so genuine, beloved like an 80’s love ballad by her peers. And here comes Frank!

Thank you for the lovely bottle of of catnip cat woman, it goes good with the blues on a cold Monday while you catnap :) I hope jamming with the Alman Bros doesn’t wake you but if it does at least you’re still naked under those covers. I wonder where the tail ended up?