The new word press in a word “sucks”

WTF was Matt Mullenweg thinking with the new reader integration when they just updated the fucking thing 5 weeks ago? Jesus christ I’m so tired of everyone trying to copy Face Book, face book is shit! Face Book is over! Get a god dam Clue WordPress team! Look at the stock price of the company you’re blatantly copying instead of innovating. It’s in the shit can for a reason!

Seriously I’m pissed off because what word press is at it’s core these days is a god dam spam bot. Yes what the Internets need is more spam bots Mattl! About 5 weeks ago the wordpress team added a drop down menu that reported spam and blocked it from your reader, it’s the most brilliant thing they’ve done in years which hasn’t been much unless you consider that massive fail of a forum software the tried to sell. What a POS that thing is.

I can equivocally tell you from today on this wordpress located here is dead. As a veteran software engineer this is disgusting for software to be release in such a shoddy condition. WordPress is crawling at a snail’s pace because the code is shitty. They call it debugging idiots, buy a book and get a fucking clue!

I have no intention of going back to keywords I read daily such as “guitar” which has 80% spam if I can’t block them because the word press team doesn’t do shit when you report them. I’ve reported them until I’m blue in the face yet day after day there they are in the same place breaking the same TOS rules eating up free’s bandwidth to make money manipulating Google keywords. You people are fuktards, please grow a god dam I.Q. and do it now!

The worst thing of all is I’m in the middle of a huge Enterprise WordPress, PHPBB integration for a multimillion dollar corporation that has treated me very well for years as my client. Now I have to start over with Joomla HALF WAY THROUGH THE PROJECT because someone at WordPress has clearly taken way to much LSD, how else could any group of people be so dumb? Not only have you imbeciles killed my blog but you’ve just lost me thousands of dollars. Thanks Matt, and please take some anti retard pills and change the fucking code back to a solid release not a shitty Alpha!

Good god what a clusterfuck!