SXSW 2013 Keynote By Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl SXSW Ketnote

Dave Grohl’s SXSW 2013 Keynote Speech this morning was amazing. He’s always an inspiration to me and without fail he hit a home run with this keynote. What really hit home for me was the portion of his speech where he “figured out how to be a one man band” when he was 13 years old by using two cassette decks hooked together. This is precisely what I did when I was a Teen / Tween, I wrote about it here. It’s cool to find out I wasn’t the only one obsessed with sound as a kid, that someone as talented as Dave Grohl was doing the same. This specific Part of the keynote starts at 20:11 if you want to fast forward to it.

In true Dave Grohl style he’s completely hilarious, dropping the “F” bomb about 15 times with other colorful metaphor’s that he’s known for. He’s just being Dave which is why I think his music transcends to the masses, no pretentiousness or overblown ego, no BS. I also noted he’s a complete geek and a nerd, who else would illustrate live Multi-tracking music with two cassette desks but a Music geek? See, Rock starts are just music geeks more or less, but I’ve always know this.

Sorry I only have a link, it’s not available to share as of yet. If it comes out on Vimeo or Youtube later today I’ll embed it. Click below to watch it on NPR, it’s worth your time. <3 Dave Grohl!

EDIT: Someone posted it on YouTube :D

Robotic AI band Compressorhead plays Ace of Spades Live @ BDO 2013

If I had the dream IT gig working on this team would be it. Seriously guys no vibrato? Me thinks you need a guitarist that can write software to help your team out :) You can’t go wrong with a four armed drummer with a chrome spiked Mohawk I don’t care what anyone says! This is dope as hell and better than Cliché wobbles coming from an Ableton DJ all night. This is so Jetsons…. – YAY my JJ Tubes are finally here!

Euro Tubes delivered my JJ’s today, thank the Gods! My Egnater has 2 power Tubes out because dam Tourmaster Heads eat them for lunch daily. Most importantly I put new 6v6’s in the VHT Special 12/20 and the thing came alive like a Minuteman missile launching out of a silo. I’ve been playing through the VHT for the better part of the day and it makes a serious difference in the overall tone and string response.

I couldn’t take the brittle bright sound of the cheesy Chinese tubes that came with this VHT Special 12/20 anymore, I haven’t played this amp until today for the better part of a week. It was killing me, it sounded like drunken whale songs and whatnot. Don’t get me wrong I like whales but they have to sing on pitch and play in the pocket :D

I have to thank Bob from once again because as always his genius when it comes to tube and smooth tone is just about matchless in my book. I’ve bought tubes from him for years and he always bends over backwards to help, he’s a really nice guy. I highly recommend

Tonight I will start recording another VHT shootout to post on youtube and the internets in high-resolution audio. The one thing I’m really happy about is the jj 6V6’s really gave a nice creamy tone to the boost section which was so bad I didn’t even use it in the first Demonstration. That will be coming forth soon, stay tuned and stay thirsty my friends.

The World Didn’t END!!!! VHT Special 12/20 Review

I recorded this VHT Special 12/20 Review tonight after waiting for months to hear someone else do the work so I could eat the fruit! The speaker in this amp needs a lot of breaking in, you can hear it’s a little harsh after 10 hours of play time. Still, I can clearly hear now that with a set of JJ’s from (Because Bob Pletka kicks ass!) this amp is going to be freaking killer daddy “O”! It very much thrives in a closed back cabinet like a big smoothly.