Gratitude: Searching for Sugar Man #inspired

I had the most amazing experience at the The David Minor Theater tonight that was so powerful and surreal, I would have to classify it as spiritual. I saw this amazing film titled “Searching for Sugar Man” about a folk rock / pop star from the early 70’s who’s career bombed after his second album release. Unbeknownst to the films protagonist Sixto Rodriguez he had become a huge Platinum selling icon in South Africa with Anglo protestors of apartheid subsequently starting a musical protest movement commonly known as the “afrikaans music revolution.” Soon after his popularity came into focus the sick twisted apartheid government planted a false propagandist story country-wide that “Rodriguez” has committed suicide on stage to squash the love of his music. As all history teaches us humans over and over it vaulted him to martyr status amongst South African youth. When will these d-bags ever learn?

Rodriguez so inspired music executives at the time of his budding recording Career no expense was spared in the production of his compositions for vinyl release. His first album “Cold Fact” was produced by Dennis Coffee of the infamous Funk Brothers responsible for hundreds of hits for Motown. Dennis Coffey is so iconic he introduced the world to the Wah Wah pedal on the Temptations Psychedelic Soul hit Cloud Nine forever changing the landscape of popular music and electric guitar. This amazing record was also co-produced by industry heavyweight Mike Theodore (NelsonWu-Tang Clan) who’s musical pedigree is near untouchable in the artist realm. Lastly, Bob Babbit the iconic amazing Elvis of funk played Bass and arranged this record. Names such as these are unheard of working on a sophomore release let alone a debut album, however record executives know the goods when they hear it. This was something they clearly believed in simply assesed by the talent they brought forth into the sessions.

Although Cold Facts failed to break into the main stream his label Sussex Music appointed Steve Rowland to produce Rodriguez’s next album. Who is Steve Rowland you ask? He signed Peter Frampton, The Cure and the Thompson Twins and was involved in production and management of these amazing artists, that’s who Steve Rowland is. Clearly the powers at be in the executive branch of record company-ville saw dollar signs in their eyes. In listening to this album you can see why this is and what it is in an artistic sense. I’ve listened to few singer song writers in my estimation that can compose on the level of Dylan, Woody and Jimi but Rodriguez does it for me. I’m hair on the back of my neck standing up straight inspired by this amazing singer songwriter.

As for myself I retired from this film to absorb the knowledge of the entire interwebz for simple reason. The film’s soundtrack was brilliant but… OH MY FUCKING GODS this man is amazing. One listen is all it will take most humans IMHO.

Anything I could share beyond this can be found @ Sixto Rodriguez website:

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After overwhelming kicking, screaming and pie throwing in the wordpress forums by about a thousand other users including myself, the geniuses that head the wordpress team decided maybe it might be a good idea to reevaluate the spam / Block button. Isn’t that great! Now I get to go back and block the 10,000 spammers I’d already blocked before the worlds lamest social engineers decided to delete the database. Matt Mullenweg = Massive FAIL!

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Personal Diary Entry for January 5th 2013

I spoke with my long time college friends Lisa and Laura which is dam epic considering schedules in the last 24 hours, it was fucking brilliant! Gods I love those two girls, they’re the best. To add even more epic awesomeness, DM came over and taught me Manic Depression note 4 note nuances and all. Clue, nuances, Hendrix, almost impossible….Dam it feels good 2 B a gangster with a Les Paul. Hey Hey You You you’re welcome on my cloud :)

Les Paul Standard

Les Paul Standard

My new years resolution for 2012 in the now Sept 24

I’m not one for making new years resolutions but when you’ve already made your mind up to carry out a very difficult task and you’re like me it’s a done deal. It doesn’t happen that way often enough for this guy but when it does get the hell out-of-the-way. The time was the Holidays-ish last year so I did it, I made a resolution that was such a cliché it was almost sarcasm in its purest form. That in itself brought a little twisted humor and whimsy to the task creating some fun. The Deed: dropping some serious weight and completely change my lifestyle. No one want’s to do that and I can really sympathize with athletes a lot more in some ways now believe me. My diet, weight and lack of exercise was really effecting my performance as a musician and in the bedroom (I know TMI but I’m to old to GAC piss off).

I noticed it when I was doing a really demanding but brilliantly artistically fulfilling session that was to be 23 songs, that’s a long CD. I was doing it with someone over the internet which is always more demanding then having someone in the booth with you. During those sessions I had to play for almost 2 hours just to warm up. It doesn’t take that long to warm up and I’m one of those players who has to warm up for 25 minutes or I just don’t have it. The real downer was it also took those two hours off my finger tips as well. After about a good 5 to 6 hours of playing all the skin is gone off my fingers and I’ll blister. I have some rather ballzy calluses for a club schlepper too.

ballzy calluses

Ballzy calluses! after two hours of playing my Les Paul with a few layers of skin worn away just this evening O.0

If you let them go that far that you blister you won’t be able to play the next day and that costs money usually. I was at a record high in weight and middle aged had crept through the back door, change was no longer a choice. I am gratefully here to report I’ve lost 14″ around my center and feel great but it’s a stupid, dope, whack, silly, crazy, funky, sick amount of Time I have to put in exercising daily. I’m still getting smaller in cloths size but gaining lbs which means I’m in muscle or so the pundits say. Hey, My doctor is all kinds of happy. You can’t buy that kind of chaos as a rebel believe me.

The best thing, musical musings are returning to the physical side of my back, shoulders, wrists, hands and fingers. Les Pauls weigh a lot at least mine weighs in 12 and a half lbs and my Epiphone Custom Les Paul (which is my next press because I love this guitar) weighs in 14 lbs.

Epiphone Custom Les Paul

To me??? This is so dam sexy!

The last few years that heavy guitar wore me out in a stamina performance based way after about 35 minutes. My Strat is heavy for a Strat (10 lbs) as well but my Telecaster is light, even those guitars where really bothering me. By the end of the night we could be Jamming Black Sabbath covers to blow off steam and I’d have a freaking Telecaster with the tone knob turned all the way down because my back and shoulders were on fire. I can remember at rehearsals sitting in between songs like BB King something you can’t do at the gig unless your BB King or Skunk Baxter.

Jeff Skunk Baxter

Jeff Skunk Baxter has earned that seat.

Now I’m not having thoughts of “wow this guitar is really heavy” rather than “that chord substitutions is sweet!” That’s what my mind should be on unless I want to be worthy of fruit being tossed. The Audience is listening!

As usual in life it’s only yourself and your fear that keep you from what it is you’re really trying to accomplish. My fear comes in the form of this inner Moon Unit Zappa Valley girl voice inside my head that says “like are you really going to try and exercise all these hours a day for the rest of you life?” BAM! Vally girl self-doubt, the worst kind next to Vally girl guilt trips! Oh my whatever shall I do? I know not the future, at least not yet but I’m working on it :) I reckon it will go something like this: “Man Chris we’ve been eating Pizza and playing more video games in the last 2 weeks then we’ve been recording or jamming.” Then I’ll go to the gym for 3 months and eat properly until the next time I play video games and eat like crap playing music and cards with the homies for 2 weeks. It could happen :P


Like Oh my God can you like totally exercise like this for the rest of like all time and stuff? Bleh!

I have to give a Talk back to Nicole Rogers who’s article on Guitar and Health was the inspiration for this Press: