Where’s the doctor when we need him?

Good Gawds I’ve been working on my Studio Computer since 8am-ish. I may actually have my first bit of OS X malware but honestly I’m not sure WTH is actually going on….. Yet >:D Either my Mac Pro is infested with demons or my ISP has blocked port 993 because they think I’m a mad bad spammer. At 1am I called quits and am going to play guitar for 15 minutes or so before I pass out from overgeekdom solution searching like the good little mac geek I am. Come on raggity man comes help meh!



Calling all Whovians! Impossible astronaut day

I think this is brilliant! and I will be taking part in the shenanigans :D




Doctor Who-Jenna-Louise Coleman Announced as New Companion!

I haz a Sad :(

BBC – Doctor Who – Jenna-Louise Coleman Announced as New Companion!

There will be Nay more of our blessed Scottish Goddess Karen Gillan who’s mother’s a proper Doctor Who fan, oh whatever shall we Who fans do? All the Scotsmen in the world are morning the loss of our lovely Lady and all the Americans are still wondering why US Telly is so awful. Viva De BBC!

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