VHT 12/20 Review Part 2

I’ve replaced the shite power tubes that came with this amp in favor of a matched pair of JJ 6v6’s from Eurotubes.com. It brought the amp to life in many ways but it’s still lacking a good tone without any versatility.  It’s my Belief that a full set of additional Pre-amp tubes and a decent speaker will make this amp plausible, thus far I’m not nearly as impressed with this amp as I am the Special 6 ultra.


The World Didn’t END!!!! VHT Special 12/20 Review

I recorded this VHT Special 12/20 Review tonight after waiting for months to hear someone else do the work so I could eat the fruit! The speaker in this amp needs a lot of breaking in, you can hear it’s a little harsh after 10 hours of play time. Still, I can clearly hear now that with a set of JJ’s from Eurotubes.com (Because Bob Pletka kicks ass!) this amp is going to be freaking killer daddy “O”! It very much thrives in a closed back cabinet like a big smoothly.